Unconfirmed Minutes of Amenities and Environment Committee held on 4th April  2018










































































































































Sompting Parish Council  

Unconfirmed  Minutes of the Amenities & Environment Committee Meeting held on Wednesday 4th April 2018 at the Harriett Johnson Centre, Loose Lane, Sompting

In Attendance:

Cllr. B Mear, (Chairman)  Cllr. P Mansfield,  Cllr. J Smith, Cllr. K Bashford, Cllr. A Nicklin, Cllr B Boggis

 Welcome & Apologies for Absence:

The Chairman welcomed members and received apologies from Cllr. C Glynn-Davies and the Deputy Clerk, Sue Tubb

Declarations of Interest by Councillors:

There were no Declarations of Interest from those present

Request for Dispensations:

There were no requests for Dispensation from Members present

Public Particpation:

           There were no members of the Public present

Minutes of the Previous Meeting:

           Minutes of the last meeting, held on 7th March 2018 were circulated and were agreed to be a correct record of the proceedings.


Matters Arising, not included on the current Agenda:

There were no matters arising that were not included on the current agenda


 Millfield Planters:

The Chairman reported that a satisfactory quotation had been received from Andy Ball for the works on the Millfield Planters for the sum of £1,200, which was a significant improvement on the previously quoted sum of £3,000. The cost of Materials would be £1,134.76 + vat, which exceeds the provisional budget of £2,000 and it was agreed to proceed, subject to the approval of the Finance Committee. Furthermore, it was agreed that the Contractor would enter a form of temporary employment by the Council to ensure adequate Liability insurance cover was in place. Additional costs, yet to be agreed, were the cost of the bark fill and the hire of a skip which were currently being negotiated.

Public Toilets, Sompting Recreation Ground

In the absence of the Clerk & Deputy Clerk, this item was deferred to the next meeting

Guttering on Public Toilets, Sompting Recreation Ground

Two quotations had been received and it was agreed to proceed with the quotation from Andy Ball for the Labour Charge of £100 plus the cost of materials.

 Memorial Bench:

In the absence of the Clerk & Deputy Clerk, this item was deferred to the next meeting

 Joyce Burns Memorial Plaque

It was agreed by Members present that the formal unveiling of the plaque would take place during the weekend of the Sompting Festival, 30th June/1st July 2018

Tree Planting Budget:

Discussion took place and it was agreed that the issue should be addressed jointly by Adur and SPC, who were both anxious to see Street Scene improvements in the area. Cllr Mansfield to take the matter to the next West Adur Project meeting on April 19th 2018

Bus Shelter Vandalism in Western Road:

The Chairman brought the Committees attention to the recent vandal damage to the Bus Shelter in Western Road/Grasmere Road and it was agreed that the matter should be brought to the attention of the Police at the Next meeting of the Full Council

Multi Agency Working Group – Anti Social Parking:

Decision deferred to Full Council Meeting

Local Traffic Survey:

Decision deferred to Full Council Meeting


          The attached budget report was noted

 Date of Next Meeting:

          The date of the next meeting is to be 2nd May 2018     






Minutes of Amenities and Environment Committee held on 7th March 2018





 Meeting Commenced at 7.05pm





Attendance: Cllrs Mear, Mansfield, Glynn-Davies, Boggis, Nicklen

Sue Tubb – Assistant Parish Clerk


2 members of the public












Apologies for Absence:

Cllr Bashford -– Reason approved

Cllr Smith  - Reason  approved










Declarations of interest by councillors on any of the agenda items below:  None                     






Request for DPI Dispensations:  None






Public Participation:  3 Members of the public












































































































Minutes of last meeting: 7th Feb 2018.  Agreed and signed as a true record



Millfield Planters – Cllr Mear   to update and   consider the three quotes to repair planters and consider public liability implications .

Cllr Mear has spoken to Adur about possibility of employing Andy (the caretaker from Lancing Parish Council) they have no objection.  This would mean Sompting Parish Council employing him on a zero hours contract.

Cllr Mear to meet with LPC Clerk to discuss with her about using Andy.

Assistant Clerk read out implications of using someone without Public Liability Insurance – that had been distributed with agendas. Cllr Mear  to get quote from Andy in writing, quote from another builder that he knows and requests Clerk to obtain quote from another local builder.

Member of public said whole thing taking far to long.



Public toilets Sompting Recreation Ground –  To consider the way forward after considering all the options

The Assistant Clerk read out e mails that the Clerk had obtained from other Parish Councils as to how their public toilets are administered.  She also read out another option, that had been received that morning from Adur District Council – to just open and close the toilets daily – this was for £7.50  per day ( £2737.50 for 365 days) . The committee considered this and the previous options that were available.

Resolved: Clerk to set this option (noted above)  for daily opening and closing by Adur  in motion and our caretaker to clean toilets during the week when he is on duty.




Guttering on Public Toilets  - Discuss update on new guttering

It was suggested that Andy – see Item 774 – be asked to do the work of installing new guttering and a downpipe.(that were missing) while he was doing the other work for Sompting Parish Council. Cllr Mansfield would be happy to list the materials needed for the job.  It was felt that when this was done – the rainwater collected would have the effect of flushing the drainage system through to alleviate some of the problems.


Memorial Bench –  Discuss siting of Memorial Bench – Final Update then Clerk to instruct WSCC accordingly

Photos of the Memorial Bench design were passed round.  The design  was thought to be very good. 

Resolved – to go ahead with the necessary plans to order bench and have  installed at the Hill Barn site  as agreed in previous minutes– in conjunction with Sompting Big Local.


A discussion followed about siting of the bench that is being replaced at Hillbarn.  Cllr Nicklen suggested  at the junction of Halewick Lane and Meadowview Road. This would  need a licence as a new site. This was to be put in motion after the bench was moved


Whilst discussing that Cllr Mansfield suggested it would also be nice to have a bench near the Sompting sign at the end of Cokeham Road. Another suggestion was to have a map at the Sompting Festival and let residents make suggestions of where they would like additional benches sited.


At the end of this item – it was suggested that maybe the Tree Planting budget be used for benches – as it is not being used for tree planting at present.  It was decided to discuss this on the next agenda in April.



Joyce Burns Memorial Plaque – Cllr Mear/Mansfield to update on installation of memorial plaque – and decide suitable dates

Cllr Mansfield said the plaque was on the wooden plinth and ready to be installed.  It was decided that this should be on the wall above the flower bed outside the Harriet Johnson Centre and Cllr Mansfield agreed to do this. Cllr Mear had been in contact with the family and they felt a ceremony would be better held in May when the weather was better and the flower bed would be in bloom.



Date of Next meeting –  4th April 2018 


Meeting finished  7.50pm 











Cllr Mear




Cllr Mear














































Minutes of Amenities and Environment Committee held on 7th February 2018





 Meeting Commenced at 7.00pm





Attendance: Cllrs, Mear, Bashford, Smith,  Glynn-Davies

Sue Tubb – Assistant Parish Clerk


3 members of the public












Apologies for Absence:

Cllr Mansfield– Reason approved

Absent – Cllr Nicklen










Declarations of interest by councillors on any of the agenda items below:  None                     






Request for DPI Dispensations:  None






Public Participation:  None














































































































Minutes of last meeting: 3rd January 2018  Agreed and signed as a true record



Millfield Planters – Cllr Mear  to update and provide alternative quotes to repair planters. (Successful contractor to hold Public Liability Insurance ) To agree contents of the planters:

The Assistant Clerk explained that in accordance with the Council’s Financial Regulations, three quotes should be obtained for goods and services i.e. repairing new planters.  These should be presented to the Committee for consideration and decision on which quote to accept.  A member of public thought this had been requested previously and should have moved on.

Cllr Mear to obtain necessary quotes in writing and also to obtain prices for bark/slate


Cllr Glynn-Davies joined the meeting.


Public toilets Sompting Recreation Ground –  See Clerks Report

After much discussion on the available options – including an offer from Cllr Mear for his son to try and sort an alternative automatic closer.

Resolved – To request the Clerk continue to pursue opening/closing devices,  but if nothing more suitable could be found, to accept   Adur/Worthing quote of £4500 inclusive from April 2018 -  see item 740 - 6th December (to be reviewed after 6 months and for the Parish Council to carry out random inspections to ensure that the contract was being fulfilled)


Cllr Mansfield who had offered to repair the guttering was not in attendance so no update available.



Noticeboard Removal Western Road (re siting Bowness Ave) – Assistant Clerk to give update

The Assistant Clerk reported that the work had been carried out  on 1st February in accordance with the decision at the last meeting and had been left safe,  for the turfing to take place in the spring.



Memorial Bench –  Discuss siting of Memorial Bench – Update Members on formal procedure required

Members had been sent the flow-chart of the formal procedure required and also had sight of this at the meeting.  Members had to decide where they would like the bench sited. 

Resolved The decision was at Hill Barn Parade.  The current bench should be removed and sited half way up Halewick  Lane  (actual position to be decided at a later date)


It was suggested that a formal commemoration ceremony take place as near to Remembrance day as possible.




Dormice Boxes – Assistant Clerk to give update

Assistant Clerk confirmed that as agreed in previous minutes the Dormice Boxes had been paid for from the Conservation Budget

Assistant Clerk to enquire location of the boxes



Date of Next meeting –  7th Mar 2018  


Meeting finished  7.50pm  











Cllr Mear









































Asst Clerk





Amenities and Environment Committee held on 3rd January 2018





 Meeting Commenced at 7.05pm





Attendance: Cllrs, Mear, Mansfield, Glynn-Davies, Nicklen

Sue Tubb – Assistant Parish Clerk









Apologies for Absence:

Cllr Bashford – Reason approved

Cllr Smith – Reason approved


 2 members of the public










Declarations of interest by councillors on any of the agenda items below:  None                     






Request for DPI Dispensations:  None






Public Participation:  None





































































































































Minutes of last meeting: 6th December  2017 – agreed and signed as a true record by Cllr Mansfield as Cllr Mear not at December meeting


Millfield Planters -- To discuss update on planters and way forward.

Cllr Mear stated that he had received a quote of £1000 (max). This would be to take the top two layers of bricks off all the planters, to use these bricks to replace any damaged bricks lower down and replace top two layers with new bricks. Cllr Mear would source bricks from Travis Perkins and have them delivered to Harriet Johnson Centre.  Cllr Mansfield queried if the contractor had the right insurance – which he has.   The local resident queried if other quotes had been obtained – Cllr Mear said yes and they had been higher. This matter is to be resolved at the next meeting.


A discussion followed re the contents of the planters –  Cllr Mear favoured slate chippings/bark/shrubs – but concern was shown from the residents that slate  may be dangerous and could be thrown by vandals causing damage.

Another suggestion was a mosaic and this could involve Community Engagement


It was also thought that the suggestion of panel lighting in the area was a good one



Public toilets Sompting Recreation Ground – Discuss ongoing arrangements for opening/ closing etc.

Assistant Clerk read out Clerks reply to the suggestion in previous minutes regarding employing an outside cleaner – it was felt this was not viable in the way suggested.  She also stated that the Clerk was obtaining quote for a self-locking mechanism.

Cllr Mear reported he had spoken to Leighton – who in principle would be willing to open and close the toilets   7 days a week as he is in the area caring for his horses.  Although this was a good suggestion – concern was shown as there are times when he would be on holiday or off sick.

It was decided to await the quote and discuss at the next meeting


Cllr Mansfield queried about the guttering -  Clerk to check if there is enough in budget to do this financial year and let him know.


There was a discussion regarding state of sewers by the toilets.   Cllr Glynn Davies suggested that maybe Southern Water would come and do a check on their current state.  It was thought that before this was done,   the Clerk should  clarify who was actually responsible by checking the wording of the lease.



Noticeboard Removal Western Road (re siting Bowness Ave)

The Assistant Clerk handed round the quote from ‘The Handyman’  for £265


Resolved - the work should go ahead as there is money in the budget to do this. They favoured the option for ‘The Handyman’ not to lay the turf thus reducing the cost.  Cllr Mansfield offered to do this himself. Clerk to instruct ‘The Handyman to go ahead as above.



Memorial Bench – Assistant Clerk to give update - Councillors to decide way forward.

The Assistant Clerk reported that contact had been made with WSCC regarding an alternative site for the bench near Hillbarn traffic lights.  This was found to be just inside the Highways England boundary – so Highways England have been contacted and we are awaiting an answer. This was to replace the current bench sited there,  with the Memorial one.

Some Councillors felt strongly that the best place would still be by the Sompting Sign and asked if the Clerk could check the amount of Public Liability Insurance and if this would not cover it – to obtain a quote for the additional needed.

Cllr Nicklen also thought that there is a need for an additional seat – half way up Halewick Lane.  If the one at Hillbarn was removed could this be re-sited there.  (He feels that the condition of that is reasonable). When checking the Public Liability Insurance – could this suggestion be factored in.



Dormice Boxes – Discuss whether SPC are willing to fund dormice boxes  from Conservation budget.

The Assistant Clerk read out the details the cost being - £3.50 x 50  =  £175.  Councillor Nicklen queried where they would be sited and this would be clarified. 

Resolved – the committee agreed to fund the boxes from the Conservation budget.


Date of Next meeting –  7th Feb 2018  


Meeting finished  8.15pm




















































































Minutes of Amenities and Environment Committee held on 6th December 2017





 Meeting Commenced at 7.05pm





Attendance: Cllrs, Bashford, Mansfield, Smith, Nicklen

Sue Tubb – Assistant Parish Clerk









Apologies for Absence:

Cllr Mear - absent

Cllr Glynn-Davis  - absent ( it was thought that Cllr Glyn Davis was never voted on to this committee)


Assistant Clerk has since looked at AGM minutes Cllr Glyn Davis was elected on to that committee May 2017 (minute 2411)


In the absence of the Chair – the Vice Chair Cllr Mansfield chaired the meeting






Asst Clerk




Declarations of interest by councillors on any of the agenda items below:  None                     






Request for DPI Dispensations:  None






Public Participation:  None
























































































Minutes of last meeting: 1st Nov 2017 – agreed and signed as a true record by Cllr Bashford, as Cllr Mansfield not at November meeting.



Millfield Planters -- To discuss update on planters and e mail from local resident.

The committee were shown an e mail from local resident who expressed  her concerns of using slate to put on the brick planters.  It could cause damage if it was thrown at property or persons. A suggestion was made by her to create a mosaic on each planter instead.  By not using plants/shrubs, it would reduce maintenance costs to the parish.  She also suggested solar tube wooden lights be installed, by bolting on to the brickwork.  This would make the walkway lit and open for residents to use safely at night. 


Cllr Mansfield thought the suggestion of the lighting was a good idea. As the properties face on to this it would hopefully be safe.


As the Chair of this committee was not present – the item has been deferred to the January meeting as the Chair has other information regarding the planters to put forward.



Public toilets Sompting Recreation Ground – Discuss ongoing arrangements for opening/ closing etc.  Cllr Mansfield to raise state of guttering on the toilets.


The Committee were shown figures for opening, closing, cleaning and providing consumables for the toilets that had been obtained by the Clerk (via Adur/Worthing). An approximate figure for the year April 2018/Mar 2019 is £4500. If the committee wanted to commence earlier in January 2018,  the cost would be slightly higher a quarter of £5475 to March 2018 as it would be part of an additional round.


A discussion followed – Cllr Mansfield said if the cleaning of the toilets was taken away from the Caretaker, – he is concerned that his duties are being reduced -  so he would like the Caretaker to continue cleaning. He may know of a lady who would be interested in opening and closing them, maybe on a casual basis – and she could be paid for this. Would it be possible for Cllr Mansfield’s company to employ this lady?  Cllr Bashford  said we must be mindful of the minimum wage and employment regulations.


Cllr Mansfield says it is not ideal to have it closed but unfortunately until a satisfactory solution is found it has to be at the moment. Decision not to have contract from January 2018, to give time for other avenues to be explored.  Maybe consider from April 2018 if no other solution is found, so this would need to be budgeted for.


Guttering – Cllr Mansfield is concerned that there is no guttering on the toilets.  It was felt that it should be replaced so that it drains into the correct soakaway. Cllr Nicklen asked if this would incur additional waste water charges, but it was thought not, as this is how it used to be. An allowance to be put in the budget for it.


Budgets for this Committee

The Committee were given a copy of their budget sheet produced by the Clerk. The amendments   agreed were as follows:-


·         4412 Rec toilet water – 2017/2018 - £350  (2018/2019  £450)

·         4414 Rec toilet repairs – 2017/2018 -  £60 ( 2018/2019  £200)

·         4416 Rec toilet materials – 2017/2018 - £50 ( 2018/2019 £200)

·         4407 service 7a payment – 2017/2018 - £6000  (2018/2019  £0.00)

·         4274 toddlers play equipment 2017/2018 £1000 plus additional £2000 carried over  2018/2019  still £1000 but with the option of £2000 carried over.



Date of Next meeting –  3rd January  2017


Meeting finished   8.05pm








































Cllr Mansfield














































 Minutes of Amenities and Environment Committee held on 1st November 2017






 Meeting Commenced at 7.10pm





Attendance: Cllrs Mear, Bashford, Mansfield, Smith, Montague, 

(Cllr Nicklen from 7. 25pm)


Sue Tubb – Assistant Parish Clerk









Apologies for Absence:

Cllr Mansfield – apologies (reason approved)

Cllr Glynn-Davis  - absent   





Declarations of interest by councillors on any of the agenda items below:  None                     






Request for DPI Dispensations:  None






Public Participation:  None






































































Minutes of last meeting: 6th September 2017 – agreed as a true record



Millfield Planters

Cllr Mear said the project was ongoing. He had contacted Travis Perkins re the slate topping for the planters (plum coloured -  when wet) and it would be £110 per one tonne bag - we would need 3. The price of bricks from Travis Perkins was also favourable…maybe a coloured brick as a border round the top. He had not heard back from Northbrook College about their students having the input and would follow this up. If not he has another handyman in mind and would speak to him if necessary to obtain a cost.

He has contacted Mike Tristram who may be able to supply some reasonably priced shrubs.

Cllr Montague said this project should go ahead as soon as possible as it is dragging on,.


EPIC Project  - Press Release – The committee read and noted the press release.


Councillor Nicklen arrived.


Public toilets Sompting Recreation Ground – There are still ongoing problems with the opening/closing of the toilets on the Recreation Ground. The Assistant Clerk explained that the Clerk had a meeting with Adur   District Council on 31st October re using their contractors, and they are subsequently sending a representative on 3rd November to visit the venue and provide a price for a various range of services (opening, opening and cleaning, opening cleaning and providing supplies - The meeting favoured just the opening/closing option).

Cllr Mear said there were a couple of local residents he would consider asking if the previous options were not suitable. 




Date of Next meeting –  6th December 2017


Meeting finished 8.15pm


















Cllr Mear

















































































   Minutes of Amenities and Environment Committee held on 6th September 2017




 Meeting Commenced at 7.00pm





Attendance: Cllrs Mear,  Bashford, Mansfield, Smith, Montague, 

(Nicklen from 7.10pm)


Sue Tubb – Assistant Parish Clerk













Apologies for Absence: Cllr Davies  - (reason approved)  

                                         Cllr Glynn-Davis  - absent   





Declarations of interest by councillors on any of the agenda items below:  None                     






Request for DPI Dispensations:  None






Public Participation:  Leighton Clay (Sompting Parish Council)
























































































Minutes of last meeting:. 7th June – agreed as a true record


Cllr Nicklen arrived


Beggars Bush Walk for All and Community Nature Area

Members to discuss and present recommendations to full council meeting


Leighton outlined the   plans for the Beggars Bush site and referred Members to the document ‘Beggars Bush Walk for all and Community Nature area’ that had been sent out prior to the meeting.  Questions were asked why there were two amounts of £500 under Sompting Parish Council on page 6.  It was explained that these were two different parts of the project.  The total amount of £1000 was minimal,  considering what other agencies would be putting in and could be considered ‘a good rate of return for the people of Sompting’.  If a documented footpath route was available this could be put on the website so that other people could access as well


Leighton offered to obtain maps so that Members could see where the footpaths will be


A discussion followed about who was responsible for the upkeep in the future, this was thought to be SDNPA.


If the project goes ahead it was realised it would be a long  term commitment. But there would be considerable benefits for the Parish Council to be involved…..future plans could include rustic seats and a telescope.


Broadly speaking the Council are in favour.


Recommendation: This item to be deferred to Full Council


New Planters for Millfield/Busticle Lane

Members to discuss Report by Clerk on updates for planters


Cllr Mear had some suggestions regarding the way forward with the planters. (he had tried a similar solution in his own garden) . The suggestion is to remove the bulbs and small plants and trim the current shrubs and lay a membrane down on the earth (with holes for the shrubs) and cover it with grey slate chippings – which can be obtained at reasonable cost approx. £30 for 9 bags.


Northbrook College may be interested in repairing the brickwork – maybe with a different colour top row of bricks.  A budget of £2000 had previously been agreed.




EPIC Project – To discuss and present recommendations to Full Council 

Discussion followed


Leighton explained what and where this covered – the re-routing of the Teville Stream that flows into Brooklands Lake.  Also to create a new significant nature area.


It seems that the ‘Friends of Brooklands’ had not been talking to the ‘EPIC’

project (Peter King)  so there were conflicting plans/views.  This has now been resolved and they are consulting each other. There are surveys being undertaken  by top ecologists for the EPIC Project.



Recommendation to go to Centre Committee (regarding use of building) and Full Council




Date of Next meeting –  4th October




























L Clay










































































Unconfirmed     Minutes of Amenities and Environment Committee held on 7th June 2017




 Meeting Commenced at 7.00pm





Attendance: Cllrs Mear,  Mansfield, Smith, Montague (Nicklen)


David Porter – Parish Clerk










Apologies for Absence: Cllr Godley   (reason approved)




Election of Chair and Vice Chair:   Chair – Cllr Mear   Vice Chair Cllr Mansfield






Declarations of interest by councillors on any of the agenda items below:  None                     






Request for DPI Dispensations:  None






Public Participation:  None







































Minutes of last meeting:. 3rd May – agreed as a true record



New Planters at Millfield/Busticle Lane  - Members discussed the Clerks report and Cllr Mansfield informed members that he could not accept the recommendation

Resolved: This item to be  deferred to Full Council


Millfield Drains – Update given by Cllr Mear  - The work was passed to ADC and had been done.



Parking on Grass Verges – Update was given and noted.




Date of Next meeting –  5th July 2017

























































































Minutes of Amenities and Environment Committee held on 3rd  May  2017




 Meeting Commenced at 7.00pm





Attendance: Cllrs Mear,  Mansfield, Bashford, Smith,


David Porter – Parish Clerk






Apologies for Absence: Cllr Thornton  (reason approved)






Declarations of interest by councillors on any of the agenda items below:  None                     






Request for DPI Dispensations:  None






Public Participation:  None














































Minutes of last meeting:. 5th April   2017 – These will be agreed at Full Council.



Enhancing Places – Inspiring Communities (EPIC) Project

Members discussed the project and how the Council may or could be involved both immediately and in the future. The Clerk wanted members to have an idea of this for discussion at full Council.



1.    Big Local Funding – is this possible if more funding is required. Concerned over raising the precept for Council to provide funding outside of budgets.

2.    Perhaps Council to get involved through inviting residents to open meeting – project explained by P. King and questionnaire given to residents to gauge interest and possible increase of precept in future for stage 2 of project.

3.    Interest in getting land under Council ownership? – possible but questionnaire could be used to obtain interest etc. but require more information to consider this option.

Will be discussed at Full Council 10th May


Millfield Drains – Cllr Mansfield informed members that he had not got any further with ADC.  Cllr Mear asked for the photographs from the previous meeting  (Assistant Clerk to provide) and he will get the problem on the ADC agenda.


Parking on Grass Verges – Cllr Mansfield updated the members saying he had really not got any further with ADC.  Suggestion that Sompting Parish Council should write to Local Bus Companies to obtain information on roads that are of concern.


Replacement of Noticeboard  opposite Bowness Avenue –  The Clerk informed members  that replacement is being done and that the board opposite Carnforth Road is also being replaced due to vandalism



Date of Next meeting –  7th June   2017































Asst Clerk







































    Minutes of Amenities and Environment Committee held on 5th April  2017




 Meeting Commenced at 7.00pm





Attendance: Cllrs Mansfield, Bashford, Thornton, Smith


Sue Tubb – Assistant Parish Clerk






Apologies for Absence: Cllr Mear (reason approved)






Declarations of interest by councillors on any of the agenda items below:  None                     






Request for DPI Dispensations:  None






Public Participation:  None


























































































































































Minutes of last meeting:.1st February 2017 – These were agreed and signed as a true record


Millfield Drains – Members to receive details from Cllr Mansfield.


Cllr Mansfield said that there had been an announcement that after the last ‘Big Tidy-Up, by Adur Homes Tenancy Service staff and Adur & Worthing Waste Service Team, that members of staff would visit these areas on a weekly basis.  He had looked around the local area and reported that the communal areas around some blocks of flats are still in a bad state.  He said Millfield was one of the worst and photos were shown at the meeting. These  showed moss which has built up over a period of time, maybe due to drains backing up and had not been cleared.  This area is also used regularly by  children. After discussion, the Committee agreed that a letter be sent on to Val Macleod (Housing Officer) saying that the Parish Council is concerned about the state of the area – and asking to  see a copy of the maintenance schedule and their comments,   with a copy going to  Environmental Health.


An Item to be put on next agenda for further discussion.



Parking on Grass Verges – Members to receive details from Cllr Mansfield.


Whilst looking around the area, Cllr Mansfield felt there are still many issues around parking on the verges/and lack of places to park.

He had also been in contact with Roy Wood from Adur  & Worthing – about a road sign that had been knocked down 6 months ago and was still laying on the verge.  He was told that this will be replaced soon.

Roy Wood also reported that Adur & Worthing were looking into the possibility of installing bollards on some verges and said  that constant

re-offenders are receiving fines.


A suggestion of putting boulders instead of bollards was discussed but it was thought that they would be illegal.  Cllr Bashford said that WSCC charge approximately £10 per plastic bollard as he had some installed on the verge outside his house.


Parking near the corners of roads also causes an issue with buses trying to get around the corners.


There was a discussion about who owned the verges as its believed that some are Adur and some are WSCC.


It was decided to put on the next agenda and Cllr Mansfield will report back after he has made further investigations into ownership and the wider problem.


Cllr Mansfield also showed a photo of fly-tipping on the verge near Beggars Bush.  Is this something that Adur Watch and the Payback team are tackling.  It was decided to put an item on the next agenda.  The committee felt that this problem had increased since reduced opening hours and increased costs had been introduced at the refuse sites.




Public Rights of Way  – Report will be given at the meeting


The committee read through the report and the  additional papers/map and the following comments were made:-

In principle the Council may wish to become more involved in the future,  but felt that the budgets for 2017/18 had already been set and no extra provision had been made.  They also commented that in the next cycle of the clearance programme,  all the sites are above the A27 and in the South Downs National Park – so should they pay for their upkeep.

They felt that this should be placed on the next suitable Full Council agenda for wider discussion.




Budgets for 2017/2018 – Report will be given at the meeting


The  committee read through the budgets and these were noted.



Sompting Parish Council and the Teville Stream Project – Report to be given at the meeting.


The committee read through the report and noted its contents, and note that it will be discussed further at Full Council


Cllr Thornton offered his apologies due to work,  for the associated meeting on 19th April with Peter King


Date of Next meeting –  3rd May  2017



Meeting finished at 8.00pm














































































 Minutes of Amenities and Environment Committee held on 1st February 2017




 Meeting Commenced at 7.05pm





Attendance: Cllrs Mear, Mansfield, Bashford, Thornton


Sue Tubb – Assistant Parish Clerk

Leighton Clay - Caretaker






Apologies for Absence: Cllr Smith ( reason approved)






Declarations of interest by councillors on any of the agenda items below:  None                     






Request for DPI Dispensations:  None






Public Participation:  None


















































































































Minutes of last meeting:.2nd Nov 2016 – These were agreed and signed as a true record



West Street Traffic Calming – Update from Public meeting by Cllr Godley

The notes from Councillor Godley were discussed at some length with the following points being raised. Cllr Mansfield and Cllr Thornton had both been at the public meeting.

·         There was also talk of traffic lights being installed in West Street where the school crossing was proposed. Some Councillors were opposed to this idea

·         If option 3 or 4 were adopted – the closure of the roads would be temporary and be by means of a locked gate.

·         The next public meeting date had not been set yet.

It was proposed by Councillor Bashford that the Amenities and Environment Committee fully support Options 3 and 4 and this would be raised by Cllr Mear at Full Council on 8th February and would be an Agenda item on the Full Council in March


Tree Warden Scheme – Members to receive a report from Leighton Clay – Recommendation to resolve to proceed with a feasibility of joining the Tree Warden Scheme (with a further report after)

Leighton  gave a report on the duties of a Tree Warden – having met that morning with two Tree Wardens from West Sussex.

He thought it would be beneficial for Sompting to have a Volunteer Tree Warden  whose duties would include planning sites for trees, having input where trees are planted if the new housing development goes ahead.  The position holds a lot of responsibility and a suitable volunteer would need to be found

At this point Cllr Mansfield and Cllr Mear (Chair of the Council) left the room to discuss Council protocol. 

On their return Cllr Mansfield said he used to be a Tree Warden some 20 years ago and would volunteer to be the Tree Warden.  Cllr Mansfield announced that he had an NVQ in Forestry and other relevant qualifications for chain saws etc.

He said he was a bit out of date – but Leighton said that courses are available.

If the Council were in favour of joining the   Tree Council – there may be opportunities to get increased Public Liability Insurance, receive saplings to be planted etc.


It was resolved to proceed with the possibility of joining the Tree Council and having a Tree Warden in Sompting.


Beggars Bush Management Plan -  Members to receive update from Leighton Clay

This has not moved on as quickly as expected. Tom Parry the National Park Ranger is still seeking funding. There is another meeting later in February with Tom and Mike Tristram. At the moment the area is too wet for the contractors to get their machines on there for the first cut on the chalk downland and a problem of where to put the cuttings after. Grazing animals is not an option as the area is unfenced.



Sompting Brooks – Members to receive update from Leighton Clay.

Leighton reported that Peter King, a Senior Project Consultant,  who had been appointed in connection with the Teville Stream Project ( which encompasses Sompting Brooks) was trying to obtain a grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund.

Peter King had a good record in other areas for securing funding so it looks hopeful.

On a positive note places are being booked for the walk on 25th February (a leaflet drop inviting people on the walk has been done in Ullswater Road) to try and get the nearest residents interested. Cllr Mear said that local residents were very protective of the area he also thought that many years ago a rare butterfly/creature was found in the area. Leighton thought the area was a Site of Nature Conservation Interest (SNCI) .  From that walk Leighton is hoping to get new volunteers and a new volunteer form (that could be used for Sompting Council, Sompting Estates and SDNP was passed around. He also showed bird posters that he will be using.

Cllr Bashford asked about Worthing Borough Councils involvement with the Teville Stream project.  Clerk to find out.



Progress of Bird Box Project – Members to receive update from Leighton Clay

Very positive news that the bird box is up on the wall with a cable/camera installed. It is working but yet to be linked to the website. This could be a very exciting project. The birds are also visiting the new feeding station and some residents have donated some bird food.

Leighton and a volunteer did the Great British Bird Watch at the Harriet Johnson Centre – and the results will   be displayed soon.



Sompting Best Gardens Competition – Members to discuss plans for 2017


After much discussion – it was decided to return to the old system – whereby Councillors nominated front gardens.  (Leaving it to residents to nominate  had not really worked.)  It was decided that each Councillor could select a few front gardens in their respective wards during the month of JULY and these be e mailed in and discussed   at the September Full Council meeting.


Sompting Signpost – Members to be informed of cut off dates

Cut off - By 4th March

Go to print Mid March

Distribution around end March/ Beginning of April

The Assistant Clerk appealed for items to go in the Signpost as it can only be produced if there are things to write about.





Date of Next meeting – 1st March 2017



Meeting finished at 8.15pm








































































A & E Meeting 4th January cancelled

A & E meeting 7th Dec cancelled


UNCONFIRMED minutes of Amenities and Environment committee. 2nd November 2016

657     Attendance: Cllrs Mear, Bashford, Smith

658     Apologies: Cllr Thornton Reason approved

659     Absent: Cllr Mansfield

660     Declarations of interest by councillors on any of the agenda items below: None

661     Request for DPI Dispensations:  Any request for dispensation to be made now and Council decide whether the request is agreed.  None

662     Public participation: None

663     Minutes of last meeting: Minutes of 5th October 2016 approved

664     Budget bids: Members considered the previous bids and added the following:

1.    4205 Sompting Festival £ 7,000 (2017/18) – same 2018/19

2.    4407 bus service £ both budgets £ 6,000.00

3.    4365 tree planting 2017/18 £ 500.00  £0.00 for 2018/19

4.    New item bulb planting 2017/18 £ 50.00  £0.00 2018/19

5.    4400 planters – increase to £ 2,000 2017/18  2018/19 £ 500.00

6.    New item shop planters £ 500.00 2017/18  2018/19 £0.00


665     Beggars Bush Management Plan: The Clerk informed members of the meeting arranged with Sompting Estates and South Downs National Park on 21st November 2016.

666     Future Terms of Reference of Committee and Membership: Not discussed






   Minutes of Amenities and Environment Committee held on 5th October   2016




 Meeting Commenced at 7.00pm





Attendance: Cllrs Mear, Mansfield and Bashford, 


David Porter – Parish Clerk, Sue Tubb – Assistant Parish Clerk

Andy Edwards – Head of Environment ADC, William Boyd -  Environmental Support Manager ADC






Apologies for Absence: Cllr Thornton (work)






Declarations of interest by councillors on any of the agenda items below:  None                     






Request for DPI Dispensations:  None






Public Participation:  None










































Minutes of last meeting: These were agreed and signed, but Cllr Bashford had some concerns in the recently implemented system, whereby each individual committee approves the minutes at their following meeting, then the confirmed minutes are presented to Full Council.  He feels that with this method minutes are not necessarily being read properly.  The Clerk explained that at a recent training this was suggested as the correct way. They are available on the website after each meeting for members to read and raise comments with that committee or at Full Council. Any proposed change will be presented to the   Full Council Meeting in October and if agreed will be implemented in November.



An additional item was put on the Agenda as draft plans for the Hamble Road Play Area had just been received:

Andy Edwards and William Boyd attended from ADC regarding the Hamble Road play area.  They wanted to visit the co-funders before the open consultation took place at the school and Hamble Rec. They confirmed that ADC had approached National reputable companies to tender  within  the budget of £88000   (£75000 from ADC, £10000 from Sompting Big Local, £3000 from Sompting Parish Council. )  Sompting Big Local are also giving an additional £5000 for environmental enhancements to the park.


They presented the plans from 6 companies – that had been received and subsequently  assessed by the ADC Engineers department – to ensure they all met the required safety standards:    Proludic, Hags SMP

Jupiter, Wicksteed,  Playdale and Kompan.  A discussion followed about merits and highlights of each.  Some seemed to have a ‘route;’ through them and others more random.  Some had grass matting some rubber surface.


It was also queried whether the tendency of the area to flood had been taken into account – which it had. The surface is also porous


After the consultation days (which should take place in next few weeks)   they would inform the winning company  and hopefully the park would be in place by spring.



Planters, bus shelters, noticeboards, recreation ground toilets – Members are to receive the Clerks report on the contractor and funding arrangements. Resolution on Recommendation required.

The Clerk explained that the contract gardener ( Mr Clay)  had expressed an interest in becoming the new Caretaker.  As he would be undertaking some of the gardening jobs not initially on the job description   the Clerk saw this as a ‘Caretaker’/Groundsman’ role – subject to approval by A & E. It was discussed at the Centre Meeting to offer him the position for a 3 month probationary period for 20 hours per week.


Cllr Bashford remembered that in previous discussions the possibility of providing a van was minuted.  The Clerk explained that Mr Clay had his own adequate transport and would be re-imbursed mileage whilst at work.


Mr Clay has qualifications in horticulture, countryside management and conservation.  He expressed an interest in developing a gardening scheme with in the community. Cllr Mear had been speaking to Sir Robert Woodard Academy and they would be interested for some students to be involved in helping with the community planting and may be able to provide some plants as well.  Cllr Mear stated that SRWA will contact the Clerk

Cllr Mear also stated that Meakers and the Garage may be interested in sponsoring the planters at the north end of Busticle Lane.

It was resolved to employ Mr Clay on the above basis







































































Sompting Signpost – Members To be informed of the cut-off dates.

The Assistant Clerk reported that she would like information and items  by 21st October for inclusion in the next edition of the Sompting Signpost. This was noted by members.









































Budget Bids – Members to consider the next stage in the Committees budget bids for 2017/18. Refer to Clerks report.

The clerk highlighted certain sections of the report:-


Item 4407 – Cllr Jones trying to contact Cllr Nicklen with regard to alternative provision for 7A bus service- will be discussed at Full Council so a figure can be entered into Budget bids in November

Bulb Planting - £50 to be entered in 2017/8 and 2018/9

Tree planting - £500 to be entered in 2017/8 and 2018/9. Cllr Bashford said some small trees  in the verges in his road had been damaged and need replacing. Consideration should also be given to other sites where they would enhance the area. If this was to go ahead specific sites would need to be identified as the WSCC order during May.

It was resolved to accept the above alterations



Beggars Bush Management Plan – Members are to receive the Clerks report on the Council’s possible involvement and to resolve on whether the Council should be involved.


The Clerk explained there was a car park/pocket of land at Beggars Bush, the car park isnow maintained  by  WSCC. The adjoining area of land  was now overgrown – It used to be owned by Sompting Estates but when a new agreement was drawn up this pocket was left out.  There is one bench remaining there. The Clerk had approached Mike Tristram trustee of Sompting Estates and Ranger Tom Parry  to see the possibility of  Sompting Parish Council being involved in enhancement of the area.   Mike Tristram interested in may be  making it usable for picnics, orchard, wildflower meadow etc. As Mr Clay has the relevant qualifications and could act as a spokesperson in any future plans.  The Committee agreed it was agood idea and The Clerk will open up a conversation with Mike Tristram and Tom Parry


The Clerk also stated that Malthouse Meadows is another area   which Sompting Parish Council could be more involved in. Cokeham Brooks could be considered as and educational area too.


The meeting closed at 8.20pm





























































Unconfirmed   Minutes of Amenities and Environment Committee held on 7th Sept   2016




 Meeting Commenced at 7.10pm





Attendance: Cllrs Mear, Mansfield  and  Bashford, 


 Sue Tubb – Assistant Parish Clerk






Apologies for Absence: Cllr Thornton (work) Cllr Perry (absent)






Declarations of interest by councillors on any of the agenda items below:  None                      






Request for DPI Dispensations:  None






Public Participation:  None








Minutes of last meeting: These were agreed and signed.


Planters, bus shelters, noticeboards, recreation ground toilets – Members read the report by the Clerk and noted the arrangement. It was resolved to recommend to Finance and General Purposes Committee that the cost of the contractor (Mr Clay) be funded from the caretaker’s salary budget.


The committee commented that the planters were looking a lot neater now that Mr Clay has started digging them over and they hope they will be planted in the not too distant future.










Noticeboards in Parish   –  Quote and Change of Budget.  Members noted the contents of the Clerks report containing proposed locations and costs. 

An objection letter from a member of the public as to the siting of one of the new boards was read by the committee and also noted.

It was resolved to go ahead and order the boards and that only one supplier be used for this order and to waiver the need to obtain three quotes as the same supplier has been used previously.







Sompting Signpost – Members read the Assistant Clerks report and noted the cut off dates for the next edition of the Sompting Signpost. The Assistant Clerk requested items for inclusion










Hamble Rec – Members read the Clerks report and resolved approval to the report’s recommendation on the budgets to be carried over if needed.  The Assistant Clerk read out an e mail to say that the final details are unfortunately not yet available from Adur but more details may be available later in September.






















Budget Bids – Members to commence the Committees budget bids for 2017/2018.  Members went through the projected A & E Committee budget and  asked for the Festival and 7A bus service be discussed further  at the Full Council meeting.  The members are aware that the final stage for the budget bids is at the November meeting and will discuss any new initiatives in the interim period. (one initiative mooted was to revive planting bulbs around the Parish)



Budget Xmas Festival to Centre Committee – The committee resolved approval of reallocation of budget 4207 Christmas Festival to the Centre Committee



WSCC Letter – regarding West Street – Members read the letter drafted by the Clerk and agreed the contents so the letter may now be sent.



The meeting finished at 8.05pm







Minutes of Amenities and Environment Committee held on 6th July  2016




 Meeting Commenced at 7pm




Attendance: Cllr Mear, Cllr  Bashford,  Cllr Perry 

(Cllr  Jones)


David Porter – Parish Clerk,  Sue Tubb – Assistant Parish Clerk





Apologies for Absence: Cllr Mansfield,   Cllr Thornton





Declarations of interest by councillors on any of the agenda items below:  None





Request for DPI Dispensations:  None





Public participation: Dave Taylor,   Caroline Montague ( from 7.20pm.)


Dave Taylor was invited to express his concerns (Item 631)  -    Dave Taylor  looks out on to the bus shelter and although he is in favour of the transport mural planned (to be painted by Sompting Village Primary School)  he is worried that it will attract graffiti. (His concerns were noted) Cllr Bashford commented that an option may have been toughened glass – but if something was thrown at it – this may rebound and injure the person. 

Dave Taylor also enquired   re 7A bus service (Item 628). He was told that although it runs through Worthing/Lancing it is only Sompting that is contributing to this at present.  He felt this was unfair and asked whether Sainsburys had been approached – which they had initially and were not interested.

He also commented that the Pulse was now running to 11pm but the new timings were not reflected on the bus stops. Also that the timing of services did not co-ordinate with trains etc. (His comments were noted).






7A bus service: Cllr Jones presented a report covering the first six months of operation. The second six months werenot available at the meeting but had been similar to the first 6 months. After much discussion the options seem to be


1. Whether to continue to provide a Sunday Service

And if so

2. Keep Compass Bus in its current form

3. Circular minibus (this option would involve more work – permits, ticket machine, maintenance, insurance etc)


Cllr Vincent, who is no longer a Parish Councillor was on the original steering committee and from her costings done two years ago the minibus would be more costly – but if this was run under a section 22 permit  (accessible to wheelchairs) there may be some re-imbursement from WSCC.

Funding from The Big Local was discussed. Cllr Bashford is very concerned that the allocated expenditure  is not being spent by the Big Local.  This was awarded  to them, for the benefit of Sompting people   and he feels that pressure should be put on them to do so.  It was questioned what had  all this money been spent on so far.

Cllr Jones commented that the Big Local are now in the process of planning the next two years and it would be a good time to enter dialog with them again.


It was resolved  that on consideration of the report by Cllr Jones – the 7A bus is funded for a further 6 months whilst negotiations  take place between the Chair, Vice Chair  and the Big Local to see if funding would be available after that with a view to provisionally running a minibus.  The Clerk to ensure the Parish Council is legally able to run a minibus.


The report to be shown at Full Council.


The time scale is tight and needs to be considered ready for 2017/18 budget planning in October/November. Cllr Mear to set up an urgent meeting with Big Local.



































Cllr Mear





Planters – Cllr Mear spoke passionately about the planters and wanted something done about the state of them now.  He suggested that the reserves of £2000 (that had been agreed at a prior Full Council Meeting) be added to £500 in the budget and a contractor be instructed immediately. He said he was disgusted an ashamed at the state they were in and nothing effective had been done for two years.

Cllr Bashford commented that it was also previously minuted that a working group of volunteers was suggested,  but apart from one or two peoples efforts this had never happened.

Adur/Worthing have been approached the Clerk had not received a response for the meeting. A heated discussion followed as to what should be done and for which planters.


It was resolved that the Clerk contact Ferring Nurseries and get a quote for soil  removal down to the liner, new soil, shrubs and bark for the two planters at the top of Busticle Lane, the planters by the village sign, and the 3 in Millfield abutting Busticle Lane.  The one by the Harriet Johnson Centre not to be included as this is a memorial garden and will be treated differently as would need more colourful plants not just shrubs..


The Clerk commented there is an agenda item on the Full Council about the Business plan that could include a Parish Plan with what residents want for Sompting.

Councillor Mansfield to be thanked for his efforts in weeding the planters.





















Sompting Best Gardens   –  There was a short discussion as to the way forward.  The Assistant Clerk produced a poster that would encompass   all the options, either Councillors looking round their ward, or neighbours or the people themselves nominating a garden.  This is on the website, on facebook  and in the noticeboards.


A poster inviting nominations for the Doug Sherriff   Community Award was also shown and has been placed on the website and facebook.


Nominations for both need to be with the Council by 30th September – forms on website.





Ullswater Bus Shelter – The Clerk reported the proposal is to attach external plywood and cover with base paint. He said that he had been in touch with Creating Waves who had done the mural with the children at the back of the Harriet Johnson Centre and also been in touch with Sompting Village Primary school. The actual painting of the mural will have to wait until the children are back at school - September/October time.


Noticeboards for that shelter and the one in Busticle Lane opposite the end of West Street have been ordered and more will be ordered soon when the quality is checked.  The Clerk has also been in touch with WSCC to identify more new sites for free standing boards.





Additional items




Report by the Clerk -  July Budget – The Clerk reported that not much had changed from the previous one.  Mainly some work on the Rec Toilets due to vandalism – which had resulted in an overspend of that budget.


It was resolved that the committee recommended that the funding required to cover the necessary over expenditure of £315 be funded from EMR Asset Maintenance






Sompting Festival Update – Cllr Mear had been notified last night 5th July that the Joyful Whippet had pulled out of providing the bar for Sompting Festival on 8th/9th July.  In spite of all his efforts to try and secure an alternative this is looking very unlikely at short notice,.  He had checked all the other services were still attending.

Plans were in hand to move the stage from the school into the marquee on Friday  at 4pm.



He was still requesting help to put up gazebos  from 6-7pm on Thursday 7th evening and additional help on Saturday . Cllr Bashford offered from 12 noon.



A decision must be taken in September re plans for the festival 2017 and this is an agenda item on the full Council Meeting.






The meeting finished at 8.50pm


















 Minutes of Amenities and Environment Committee held on 1st June 2016




 Meeting Commenced at 7.20pm




Election of Chair – Cllr Mear





Election of Vice Chair – Cllr Mansfield





Attendance: Cllr Mear, Cllr  Bashford, Cllr Mansfield,  Cllr Thornton





Apologies for Absence: Cllr Jones - holiday





Declarations of interest by councillors on any of the agenda items below:  None





Request for DPI Dispensations:  None





Public participation: None present.





7A  Bus Service -  As the two Councillors who had been investigating an alternative to the current arrangements (Cllr Jones  - absent and Cllr Vincent – no longer a Councillor) the update is deferred  until Full Council June/July. Cllr Mansfield who is new to the Committee,  asked for a brief overview of costs/arrangements and was informed that it is costing the Parish Council £6000 p.a.  He said he would investigate the possibility of getting some funding through his contacts.




Cllr Mansfield





Receipts and Payments 2016/17 – The Clerk presented the budget sheet. Discussion followed about  Toddlers play equipment budget being used for improvements at Hamble Rec. (An e-mail had been received from a local resident who was having problems concerning lack of consultation over the improvements being made there). Park enhancements budget maybe used for the provision of public toilets at Halewick Park This is being investigated. Some budgets will need to increase from general reserves as no caretaker has been appointed. With regard to costs of noticeboards at bus stops – Cllr Mansfield queried if revenue could be made from advertising in these but the Clerk advised him this was not allowed.





Noticeboards attached to blue shelters:  The committee noted the Clerks suggestions for changes/repairs to the noticeboards.





Repair Proposals to Ullswater Bus Shelter: The committee agreed that the suggestions of using plywood to replace the glass   and having schoolchildren paint a mural on a transport theme were good.

Resolved – The project should be investigated further.





Consultation on proposed changes to West Sussex Household Waste recycling sites: The committee agreed that cut backs have to be made,  but are concerned that the reduced opening hours may encourage more fly tipping.





Public Rights of Way – Summer Surface Vegetation Clearance and Inspection and Maintenance Cycle – The Assistant Clerk presented the report,  the contents of which were noted.





Sompting Festival  Cllr Mear reported  what had been happening. It will be run over the 2 days – Friday evening and Saturday 8th/9th July  this time, although the fun fair will be there earlier in the week.


All the major requirements had been booked.  Marquee, First Aid, Security, Toilets, Bins, Hospital Radio, Disco. Entertainments for the evenings.  As three of these services were in excess of £500 cost the committee resolved  to waiver the Councils Financial Regulations to allow only one supplier to be used. Currently these are GBems – 1st Aid, Kodiak – Security and Brighton Marquees – Marquee. The Clerk reminded Cllr Mear that their written orders confirming quotations is required.


Cllr Mear is requiring help with obtaining arena events and more stalls.  Cllr Mansfield said he would see what he could do. Cllr Mear suggested a few ‘extras’ such as penalty shoot out for children, water sponges at the stocks.


Cllr Mansfield agreed to speak to his contacts to see if they would donate soft drinks for the children’s disco.  He also offered to obtain the diesel for the generators.


Cllr Mansfield offered to head up a Working Party after this festival to plan the 2017 event – this was well received.  He also said he would do what he could in the 5 weeks left before the  2016 event.


Advertising was discussed and due to time constraints – it was too late to order large new banners – so the Assistant Clerk will ‘’amend’’ the current ones.

Cllr Mansfield has a contact with someone who may be able to produce posters – the Assistant Clerk agreed to forward any information on as soon as it received from Councillor Mear  (URGENT)

Small flyers to be produced for the school children about the disco – Assistant Clerk to produce these when she has the final details.

Advertising to come out of Festival Budget















Cllrs Mansfield/Mear




Cllr Mansfield







Ass Clerk


Cllr Mear/Cllr Mear


Ass Clerk



Planters – Cllr Mear said a lot of residents had complained about the state of the planters in general. Cllr Mear suggested that they should be cleared and small shrubs be put in.  Apart from the memorial one outside the Harriet Johnson Centre which could have bedding plants as well.

Cllr Mear said if we wanted to get sponsors they would have to be in a reasonable condition to start with.


Cllr Bashford agreed to price up some plants at Ferring Nurseries and Cllr Mear to look at the stall at Shoreham Station.


Cllr Mansfield suggested a Working Party of Councillors to get the planters sorted out and this suggestion will be put  to Full Council next week.


Cllr Bashford asked for the Sompting Best Garden to be put on July Agenda.





The meeting finished at 9.05pm









Cllrs, Mear, Bashford


Cllr Mansfield



Cllr Bashford




 Minutes of Amenities and Environment Committee held on 6th April   2016




 Meeting Commenced at 7.05pm




Attendance: Cllr Smith, Cllr Mear, Cllr Ms Vincent,  Cllr Tufnell


Also in attendance Mr Andy Edwards and Mr William Boyd from Adur District Council





Apologies for Absence: Cllr Mrs Wood





Declarations of interest by councillors on any of the agenda items below:  None





Request for DPI Dispensations:  None





Public participation: None present.





Hamble Recreation Ground – Improvement to the facility

Cllr Smith welcomed the two gentlemen from ADC who were going to discuss proposed plans for Hamble Rec.

Mr Edwards  began by saying there is a ‘Priority Play List’ drawn up by Adur and Hamble had now reached number one  on the list.  A bid had been put into Adur for £75000 for the year 2016/7 and had been granted. Mr Edwards had written to Sompting Big Local and Sompting Parish Council to see if they would be able to give money to enhance the scheme even more. (SBL have agreed to give an amount of £15000). The committee were shown plans of recent and proposed schemes that varied between £80000 (Southwick Green)  and £95000 (Fishersgate – which is starting soon)

The process is as follows – ADC contact 6 national play equipment companies for ideas of what is available within the constraints of the proposed budget and go through a consultation process with local schools to see which pieces of equipment appeal. These are then checked that they meet the required standards.  Usually there are three or four companies that are selected and the plans  goes back to the children to see which they like best.

Hamble consultation with the schools is likely to be late April, people living in the area May, and the Play Companies in June.

These play parks are sometimes done on a theme….such as the sea etc.

Councillor Mear queried whether the schemes encompass equipment for toddler age as it is lacking in the area.  He was advised that the range of equipment would cover from 2 – 12 years.

Resolved  - Cllr Smith said that an amount of £3000 was available from the Park Improvements budget and he proposed that this be allocated for Hamble Rec improvements. The committee agreed and recommended approval by Full Council on 13th April.  ADC will keep Sompting Parish Council informed of consultation etc.


Clerk to e mail Andy Edwards after full council,  with the decision.

































7A Bus Service 

Cllr Vincent and Cllr Jones had a recent meeting on the way forward.

It was felt that   the 7A is not covering the residents needs and a discussion followed on possible solutions – maybe shuttle service – linking to Pulse and 700. The Sompting Big Local minibus  is not an option for a ‘paid service’ as it is not able to take a wheelchair. 

It was questioned ‘where do Sompting people actually shop?’ – it was thought mainly Brighton, Worthing,  Holmbush and Lancing mainly for the Post Office.

It was agreed that they will draft a report for the Members of the new Council showing l the information on the current service and also figures for a shuttle service – by bus or minibus.

It was highlighted  that a decision would have to be taken by the new Council  in June – whether the 7A will continue after September.






Sompting Festival

There was no actual additional input to be discussed at this committee but Councillor Mear stated that he wants the festival to continue and was willing to put the work in for it to do so. . The Assistant Clerk reported that the Centre Manager had said that if there was no ‘Festival’ on the Rec,  the volunteers who man the activities at the Centre were not willing to go ahead.  Even if there was something on the Rec – due to illness and people being away it would be hard this year to man the exhibition of Sompting Old and the Refreshment stall.


Some of the Committee feel very passionately about the festival but will defer until the Full Councils judgement.





Detailed Receipts and Payments 2015/2016

Resolved  - The committee considered the figures in the Clerks Report and were all in agreement with the recommendations.





List of Committee Activities

The committee read through the Activities of Amenities and Environment Committee that had been prepared by the Clerk. They thought it was very comprehensive and suggested a few modifications.





The meeting closed at 7.40pm




Minutes of Amenities and Environment Committee held on 2nd  March 2016




 Meeting Commenced at 7.00pm




Attendance: Cllr Smith, Cllr Mear, Cllr Mrs Wood, Cllr Ms Vincent





Apologies for Absence: Cllr Tufnell (hospital appt)





Declarations of interest by councillors on any of the agenda items below:  None





Request for DPI Dispensations:  None





Public participation: None present.





Community Support Teams Consultation and Future Partnership Working – After a discussion the response was that Sompting Parish Council are not in a financial position to fund any of these activities at this time.





Resurfacing  -  Details of the re-surfacing of the A27 were circulated and noted





Sompting Festival - After much discussion regarding the best way forward with the Festival, the committee recommends to Full Council, that the strategy suggested by Councillor Servante is adopted.


See below :-

If the new Council wanted to put the festival on… …they may be hard pushed to book things at short notice – so it is suggested that  -

Getting quotes for hardware (Marquees, first aid, bins, mobile loos, waste bins etc)

Not booking anything yet….having it all on standby so suppliers all know the dates and the Council already have the quotes.

Being ready to send a few e mails for difficult bits or as nothing actually booked they have the option to say no.  


This gives new people eight weeks to fill the stalls, sort the entertainment etc…..it seems wrong for current Council to say no and the new Council are unable to change the decision.





Plans for Halewick Recreation Ground  –   The committee considered the proposal and were pleased that some of the responses from  the public were positive.


It recommends to the Clerk that this proposal be actively pursued – but a site visit would be needed to finalise the exact  position of siting the toilet block.





Future of 7A Bus Service  – Cllr Vincent reported that that there had not been a further meeting,  but both  Cllr Vincent ( and Cllr Jones ) were still working on  the way forward..





Walking and Cycling in West Sussex – Strategy – This was discussed and noted and the committee agrees with the Clerks intention..





W.S.C.C. – Consultation on the Future of the 3 in1 card scheme – Cllr Smith agreed to complete the on line form – and would vote for it to carry on in its current format.  The Committee agreed.


Cllr Smith



Hamble Recreation Ground - Play Area Refurbishment -  It was resolved that once the plans had been agreed, this committee would appreciate Adur District Council sending us a copy of the plans, which they, in principle, support.






Financial matters due to Caretaker resignation: After a lengthy discussion regarding the problem of the toilets on the Rec, the Committee asks the Clerk to informally approach the Clerk of Lancing Parish Council – to discuss a possible interim arrangement – bearing in mind that Cllr Servante has offered to open and close the toilets on the Rec – they would only need cleaning and replenishment.  









The meeting closed at 8.10pm





Minutes of Amenities and Environment Committee held on 2nd  Dec  2015







Meeting commenced at 7.00pm








Attendance: Cllrs  Smith,  Mear,  Tufnell,   Mrs Wood   Ms Vincent









Apologies for Absence:  all present





Declarations of interest by councillors on any of the agenda items below:  None









Request for DPI Dispensations: None









Public participation: None









Big Local – Plans for parks:  After much discussion regarding the plans for the local parks it was resolved that the Chair of Amenities and Environment Committee draft a letter to the Sompting Big Local regarding possibilities of future improvements at Halewick Lane and Hamble Rec.


An e mail had been received from Tesco Local Community Grants section about a new grants programme they are delivering to fund projects on green and open spaces. To register your interest it was necessary to complete an on line form by 11th December .


Cllr Smith offered suggestions for two projects – and felt although they must have impact they must be feasible within the short timescale – 12 months  - offered by the grant


a) Build new changing  rooms on Sompting Recreation ground for the football teams – freeing up the accommodation attached to the Harriett Johnson Centre.   (The committee thought was probably not achievable within the timescale)


b) Build toilets (or even install one of the ‘’disabled  unisex superloos’’ ) at Halewick Lane as part of future improvements at Halewick Lane site.  It was felt this would be a valuable asset for the children’s play area, picnic area and gateway to the South Downs. There is already a water supply to there.

It was realised that permission would need to be sought from Adur District Council, West Sussex County Council and South Downs National Park.  Sompting Parish Council would need to pay for maintenance – so it was hoped there would be no opposition from the three authorities.


It was resolved that the Chair would complete the online form for option (b) above after bringing up in matters arising at Full Council on 9th December.

Cllr Smith


Asst Parish Clerk








Planters – Discussion and way forward:  A discussion took place  regarding the planters at Millfield which were originally being looked after by Sompting Big Local – but due to lack of volunteers   were no longer able to fulfil this.  The committee decided to write to Sompting Big Local and say that we would take responsibility for them again.  As these were not included in the previous’ clear and weed’ that was done in the other planters in Sompting , Cllr Mear suggested that he contact the scouts to see if they would be interested in clearing them for their badge.  If  this was not possible it was suggested that  this be looked at when the Caretakers schedule is reviewed in January 2016.






Cllr Mear




As there was no further business the meeting closed at 7.40pm





 Minutes of Amenities and Environment Committee held on 4th November 2015







Meeting commenced at 7.00pm








Attendance: Cllrs  Smith,  Mear,  Tufnell,   Mrs Wood   Ms Vincent





Cllr Servante – also in attendance








Apologies for Absence:  all present





Declarations of interest by councillors on any of the agenda items below:  None









Request for DPI Dispensations: None









Public participation: None






Bus Shelter Review: The subject was discussed at length as to the way forward with the vandalised bus shelter.  A wooden one would cost in the region of £8000. The Parish Council owns 9 shelters (of these 4 are wooden ). The existing strategy is to provide wooden shelters on new sites or when replacing like, where practical. No strategy exists for choice of shelter when replacing the blue shelters.  Cllr Smith felt that the public should be asked in the next edition of the Sompting Signpost,  as to what they would prefer from following options. 

1. Do nothing

2  Repair

3  Replace with Blue Shelter

4  Replace with wooden shelter.

The Clerk reported that in the past there had been a grant available for 50% of the cost and as the County Council is keen on bus travel – there is a slight chance this may be available in the future.


It was resolved  to put an amount of £2500 in the proposed budget for 2016/17 and 2017/8

It was agreed to refer this to the Communications Committee to seek the public’s view.















Comms Committee






Report by the Clerk – Budgets:  The Clerk highlighted two budgets of the predicted end of year namely Toddler Play equipment and Christmas Event.


As the Toddler equipment was low on Adurs’ priority list it was suggested that an amount of £2000 be carried over to 2016/17 and the same budgeted for 2016/2017 with  £1000 for 2017/2018 so that SPC can go to Adur in the future  with a more realistic figure . If budget not spent in 2016/17 the whole to be placed into a new ear marked reserve named toddler equipment. The new council will then be able to decide whether the budget for 2017/18 is required. This was agreed.


Budget overspend: It was agreed that the shortfall for the Summer festival be taken from the Year Competition budget 4165 Year competition noting the income received from Festival is £ 361. 


It was decided after discussion on item 574 to retain the amount of £1000 for the Christmas Festival and  with a budget of £1000 for the two consecutive years.


Cllr Smith suggested an amount of £500  also be budgeted  for ‘Additional Events’ so that SPC (and the future Councillors)  could have a budget  for events such as May Day, Summer or Halloween as an addition to the Main Festival and Christmas Celebration. This was passed on a majority vote.


Cllr Wood suggested  and it was agreed  to budget  £1000 for  Play and Outdoor exercise so if  Sompting Big Local did decide to improve Hamble Rec,   there is money available from SPC to offer to help. It was agreed that this budget will be named Park Enhancements to cover a wider spectrum, with the budget 4271 being zero for 2016/17 and 2017/18


Service 7A Payments.  Cllr Vincent suggested it would be better to have the full amount set aside and therefore only make the decision once a year . It was agreed to set aside £6000 (in case the Sompting Big Local decided to withdraw  their funding  in the future ) for 2016/7 and 2017/8 . The Clerk will decide the best way to fund this to the budget when all budget bids are collected and the budget/precept proposed.


Planters. After discussion it was agreed to increase the 2016/17 and 2017/18 to £500.  The caretaker will be responsible for maintenance in the future.


Cllr Mear said he was still waiting to hear regarding possible sponsorship for the two planters at the top of Busticle Lane but the company would need a rough figure of how much this would be. The Clerk would source this information from  a  Ferring Nurseries previous contract.


Cllr Smith to see if Mike Tristram is able to source plants from his nurseries for the planters but  Cllr Servante suggests that the Memorial Garden should be sorted out separately as a matter of urgency by the 18th December if this is possible.  Ferring Nursery to be asked to see if this is possible on a short timescale just for this planter. Other planters to have low maintenance plants but Memorial Garden to have more variety. Cllr Servante also to speak to Sharon Leppard.


Millfield planters – A discussion is needed with the Big Local as to whether they are still willing to maintain them.  They were apologetic at their AGM as they had not been able to maintain them as much as they had hoped due to lack of volunteers.  It may be the right time to re-open talks with the  Big Local  as there had been recent changes of personnel.


The Clerk confirmed the agreed figures presented during the above and it was resolved:

1.     Bus shelters ( code 4405): £ 2,500 for years 2016/17 and 2017/18

2.     Toddler equipment (code 4274) £2,000 carried over from 2015/16 to 2016/17 with an addition of £ 2,000 for 2016/17 giving £ 4,000 in 2016/17. If budget not spent whole budget is to be placed in new ear marked reserve named toddler equipment. For 2017/18 budget to be £ 1,000.

3.     Overspend of 2015/16 Sompting Festival is to be covered by virement from 4165 Year competition noting the income received from Festival is £ 361.

4.     End of year figure for 4207 Christmas Festival is £ 1,000 with a budget of £1,000 for 2016/17 and 2017/18.

5.     £500 is to be placed in new budget named Additional Events for 2016/17 and 17/18, separate from budgets Sompting and Christmas Festivals.

6.     £1,000 is to be placed in new budget named Park Enhancements.

7.     Zero budget in 2016/17 and 2017/18 for Play and Outdoor Equipment ( 4271)

8.     £ 6,000 to be placed in 2016/17 and 17/18 for Service 7A bus service.

9.     Planters budget ( 4400) to be increased in 2016/17 and 17/18 to read £ 500




































Cllr Smith




Cllr Servante



Christmas Event – Update by Cllr Smith.  Cllr Smith asked Cllr Servante for an update.  Cllr Servante showed what items made up the provisional budget of £1000.  The Clerk queried whether an external   sound system was really needed – as the Council did have one.  Cllr Smith pointed out that this would be set up and looked after by Mr Hyder freeing up Councillors to do other things.   

Cllr Wood questioned that if the event was too slick – it would  lose its ‘local charm’ that was usually present.  She was reassured that it  would still contain Colin Framptons’  ‘Twelve Days  of Christmas’ and various  carols

Cllr Servante reported it would be the same rides as last year, gifts as before, Nic and Bens for hot drinks , mulled wine indoors,  stage outside. A bouncy castle was mentioned – but this was not thought to be a good idea. Cllr Servante had also been contacted about the possibility of a few Christmas stalls – it was decided not to go ahead with this and keep it a mainly free event  (apart from additional  refreshments from Nic & Bens) There is a possibility that the Sompting Big Local may be bringing a hot chestnut stall but this is not finalised.


Advertising – Cllr Servante showed a draft poster – and with a few amendments the committee was happy,  but this would need to go to the Communications Committee meeting on 11th November for approval.  It was proposed to do 400 flyers for the school and 15 posters and also leaflet drop all the households in Sompting so a run of 4000 would be needed.  The Assistant Clerk had contacted the distributor who would be able to deliver early December.  To get the printing done the finished article would be needed by 21st November. The Clerk pointed out there was no allocation for printing and delivery costs and it was agreed that these costs would be considered by Communications committee.


Awards Ceremony – As the Awards Ceremony had been cancelled on 1st November,    at short notice ,  Cllr Smith requested that this should go ahead during the Christmas Celebration Evening and this was agreed by the Committee. It was decided to invite the people from 5pm with the actual presentation approximately 5.20pm before Santa arrives.  The Assistant Clerk requested all the addresses from Cllr Smith to enable invitation letters to go out early.


It is requested that all Councillors attend the Christmas Event and this will be mentioned at Full Council

















Comms Committee



Asst Clerk


Comms Committee


Cllr Smith Asst Clerk



Wettons / Caretaker – Update by Cllr Smith – meet  the caretaker. The contract with Wettons has been cancelled w.e.f. October –  but giving the three months  notice required.

 The Caretaker was not in attendance this evening,   but will meet Councillors at the Full Council meeting on 11th November.  Cllr Smith requested that members of this  Committee

(and all Councillors after full Council meeting)   send to the Assistant Clerk a list of what they see as priority jobs that the Caretaker should be doing so a ‘’schedule of works’’ can be drawn up. Cllr Servante requested that Caretaker be available 16th/17th/18th Dec to ensure that Centre is ‘spick and span’ for Christmas event.








Centre Manager



Exercise Equipment – Discuss  - the opening ceremony. Cllr Smith had e-mailed Cllr Albury Chair of Adur District Council  and was still awaiting a reply. He will try again.   It may be that we have to set a date and just keep the Ceremony just for Sompting Parish Council. Cllr Mear reported that Adur District Council  had already had  an article in the local press saying there had been a donation from Sompting Parish Council.

It was reported that the equipment was being used – but not so much at this time of year with dark evenings and inclement weather .


The meeting closed at 8.45pm

Cllr Smith
















Minutes of Amenities and Environment Committee held on   7th October   2015







Meeting commenced at 7.00pm








Attendance: Cllrs Smith,  Mear,  Tufnell,   Mrs Wood   Ms Vincent












Apologies for Absence:  all present





Declarations of interest by councillors on any of the agenda items below:  None









Request for DPI Dispensations: None









Public participation: None






Grass Verge Cutting:  Cllr Vincent apologised for not sending in the draft item for the n SPC facebook page  and will e-mail this  to the Assistant Clerk


Cllr Vincent




Planters: Update

a)  Cllr Mear was annoyed that nothing was underway with regard to the planters. He has had complaints from residents that the weeds are now encroaching on their gardens. The Assistant Clerk explained that in  spite of requests on the SPC facebook page for local gardening companies to contact Sompting Parish Council – no one had come forward .


Resolved - Assistant Clerk to e mail three  local companies as a matter of urgency,  for quotes and to go ahead  with the lowest quote.


b) Cllr Mear reported he had spoken to the relatives of Joyce Burns and the wording for the memorial plaque had been decided – but it could not go ahead until the planters had been cleared


c) It was still thought the best plants would be heathers and lavender – but each of the committee also decided to purchase a bag of daffodil bulbs that would be planted as well
















Report by the Clerk:  Community Allotments and Orchard Space.  Members of the Committee thought this was a great idea generally but specifics of the actual location may need further discussion.






Report  by the Clerk:  Ullswater Bus Shelter Repair  There was considerable discussion by the committee as to the best way forward. Four  options were considered.



a) Write to Big Local to see if they would be willing to help with cost of replacing with a wooden shelter (approx cost £8000) to enhance the area and with a noticeboard could be used as a joint communication point.

b) As per Clerks report to replace glass panels on both shelters

c) Completely remove the shelter

d) Clerk to write to complainant saying that the shelter has been repaired many times due to repeat vandalism and the budget for repairs has  been used up and to say that the Council is exploring other options  ( see a, b & c ) above


Resolved – to go with Option (d)  – so no repair required at this stage















Report by the Clerk: Budgets The committee discussed the budget table put before them .


Resolved  - Iitems contained within the table were agreed.  3 x noticeboards in wooden shelters, 3 x new free standing noticeboards, 4x replacement  noticeboards in blue shelters revised rec toilet materials, revised planters – materials only.  Still waiting for WSCC update on verge cutting.


Other ongoing items to be explored with members guidance.


1. Neighbourhood Plan Deliverance Group – No on budget 

2. Halewick Park improvements – items 4271/4274   totalling  £7000 should be re-branded as Parks and Open Space Improvements.

3. Other park/open space improvements – see item 2.

4.Taking over land from Adur – as promised £1000 in reserves branded Asset Acquisition

5. There is no budget heading for this so it was decided that if there were any requests this would be decided on its merits and come from general reserves.


The service 7A payments would be  discussed  further and clarified at  the next meeting.






Annual Awards Doug Sherriff/Best Gardens: Update: The Assistant Clerk reported that there had been two nominations for the Doug Sherriff award and none through the office for for the Best Gardens . Cllr Smith reported that he had taken some photos for the Best Gardens and these would be shown at the Full Council meeting where a decision on both awards will be made.









Christmas Event:  Cllr Smith reported  that he thought Cllr Servante had everything in hand.  The rides had been booked, the wine was on its way and the event would be held in the car-park of the Harriet Johnson Centre so no need for a marquee on the Rec.











Wettons/Caretaker: Cllr Smith reported he had spoken with the Clerk.  We are still bound by the 3 months notice period required in Wettons contract and this is  being worked at present.

Two potential candidates for the caretaker/ cleaner  were offered the position – once has since backed out.  It had been decided that the Council would not re-advertise until after the probation period worked by the appointed person and to review the situation then.  He will be starting on 26th October and will meet all the Councillors on the Awards evening on 1st November.








Exercise Equipment: Cllr Smith reported that the adult exercise equipment has now being installed on Sompting Rec and is being used by residents. It was suggested to hold an official Oopening Ceremony with Cllr Albury and Cllr Mear and members of the press to promote this  which has been a joint project between  Adur District Council and Sompting Parish Council.

Cllr Smith to contact leaders of both Councils to try and arrange a time


Cllr Smith




Additional Items – since agenda


Promotional Calendars – Assistant Clerk showed prices  from Team Calendars – who were the most reasonable for the long style calendars. It was decided to go ahead and order 25 quantity of these to be distributed amongst Councillors,  photographers, employees, etc  Assistant Clerk to arrange for this to be done.


Sompting Signpost – It was agreed that the next edition would be ready in early January for distribution after 18th January.  It will contain…details of the precept, reports on Christmas festival, new caretaker, opening of exercise equipment on the Rec.  Assistant Clerk to contact the distributer now to book a slot.



Renewal of Domain  Name – It was decided unanimously to renew the domain name somptingfestival.org.uk Assistant Clerk to confirm with P2KUK






Assistant Clerk




Assistant Clerk




Assistant Clerk




The meeting closed at 8.20pm







Minutes of Amenities and Environment Committee held on  2nd September  2015







Meeting commenced at 7.00pm








Attendance: Cllrs Smith,  Mear,  Tufnell,   Mrs Wood   Ms Vincent












Apologies for Absence:  all present





Declarations of interest by councillors on any of the agenda items below:  None









Request for DPI Dispensations: None









Public participation: None






Grass Verge Cutting:  The Clerk provided a report with facts taken from the WSCC website about grass cutting schedules. Cllr Smith asked the committee if they thought it would be a good idea for Sompting Parish Council to pay for an additional cut and is it a responsibility SPC should take on.  A discussion followed  -  some verges worse than others – some verges responsibility of the Highways Agency.


It was resolved to ask the question on facebook and in the next Sompting Signpost ,  what residents thought about SPC paying for an extra cut  and also to establish which verges in the parish were the worse. Cllr Vincent agreed to draft  this – pointing out that ‘’although we are not responsible etc’’  Clerk to email WSCC to establish the cost and whether viable









Cllr Vincent




Planters: Cllr Smith asked if a cost was available to have the planters done.  As this was not available a discussion followed as to the best way forward. It was suggested that a question be put on facebook if there were any local gardeners willing to do the planting for a small remuneration.  In the future – this would come under the remit of the caretaker/cleaner

Resolved  - Cllr Smith proposed that the planters were sorted out  ‘immediately’ utilising the budget still available  this was agreed by the committee – heathers and lavenders being suggested as the most suitable plants












ANNUAL AWARDS - Doug Sherriff/Best Gardens:  As there had not been any entries for the  Best Gardens as at the date of this meeting, it was agreed that Councillors would go and photograph possible gardens in their ward,  as per format  in 2013. Councillors also to nominate residents for the Doug Sherriff Award.

Sunday November 1st was chosen as the date for the Award Ceremony,  the event running  5pm – 7pm. Background music and a powerpoint presentation of the gardens - running at the same time. Informal seating plan.

It was suggested that the prizes be 1st - £50, 2nd - £25 and 3rd - £10 . This would leave enough in the budget to have the buffet done by the Gardeners Arms.  The issue of serving of refreshments was raised, as Councillors need to be hosting the ceremony. It was proposed to seek assistance of volunteers.  If this failed, the serving will be done by the Councillors. It was agreed that Joyce’s daughter be asked   to present the Fred Burns Rosebowl for the Best Garden and Mrs M Sherriff to present the Doug Sherriff Award. Assistant Clerk to ensure trophies returned.











Assistant Clerk





Christmas Event:  As Cllr Smith had not spoken to Cllr Servante yet,  there was not much that could be discussed but the event planned for  Friday 18th December from 5pm. Cllr Wood confirmed that the wine would be available from 23rd October – but she would not have time to arrange for it to be ‘’mulled’’ by the winemakers this year.  Cllr Smith agreed to take on the task and requested contact details. It was thought that the children’s rides had already been booked.





Cllr Smith










Clerks Report: Wettons/Caretaker: The Clerk had prepared a report and attached   a letter/new contract  from the current contractor  Wettons,  about increase in costs from 1st October .  A discussion followed.


It was resolved decided not to sign the letter and therefore not accept the new contract but it was also queried that if we did not accept this would we still be bound by the 3 month notice clause? Clerk to check.   If the new caretaker is not in post it may necessitate the Rec toilets being closed  - or appointing a temporary cleaner.












Budget Cycle: The Clerks Report asked for the committee to consider Change to Existing Committees Terms of Reference, Current  Budget expenditure and income against items under its remit and new items for 2016/7.  The Clerk asked the committee to consider where the new caretaker/cleaner  should come under F & GP, Centre,  or A & E Committees.  After discussion – the A & E committee thought this should come under them and should be recommended for Full Council Approval on 9th September. It was thought that the Centre Committee may query this reasoning.  The Clerk went through items on the budget sheet for the committee to consider the current income/expenditure to September , noting that the Sompting Festival had exceeded  the agreed budget and that a budget virement was required. This virement will be considered at the November meeting.

Cllr Vincent to chase the Sompting Big Local’s £500

Photographs needed of Ullswater bus shelter for consideration of repair work .  (to be included on  agenda at next meeting)














Cllr Vincent

Asst Clerk.




The meeting closed at 8.20pm





Minutes of Amenities and Environment Committee held on 1st July 2015








Meeting commenced at 7.00pm








Attendance: Cllrs Smith,  Mear,  Tufnell,   Mrs Wood   Ms Vincent









Election of Chair – Cllr Smith –  nominated by  Cllr Wood    seconded by  Cllr Mear

Election of Vice Chair  -  Cllr Vincent  - nominated by  Cllr Wood  seconded by Cllr Smith





Apologies for Absence:  all present





Declarations of interest by councillors on any of the agenda items below:  None









Request for DPI Dispensations: None









Public participation: None






Toddler Equipment Halewick Lane:  After much discussion it was decided that  Halewick Lane was the best site for the toddler equipment.  There is already equipment for older children there that is well used.


The Committee suggested that it was looked at as a ‘bigger picture’ (as only £2000 available at present) and this would not buy very much.  A bigger scheme with the possibility of a toilet block for use by the children’s playground and allotment holders was also discussed. 


Cllr Smith offered to draft a letter by Full Council on 8th July regarding Improvements to the toddlers playground and other improvements to the park, that could  be sent to Sompting Big Local, South Downs National Park, West Sussex County Council, Adur District Council and Sompting Estates putting forward Sompting Parish Councils ideas to see if any of those organisations would be interested in being involved.





Planters:  Cllr Mear has been trying to get sponsorship for the planters He has approached Atlan Garage and  Meakers Fencing and both seem to be interested, but have yet to make  a firm decision. It was hoped this would be by the September A & E meeting.


Cllr Wood suggested as a temporary measure  another gardening company should be appointed – but Cllr Smith said we are unsure as to how much left in the budget so it may not be an option. Cllr Vincent agreed to contact charity ‘Storm’ Gardens who operate in Worthing to see if they would be able to help.

A & E  Committee  would like confirmed as to what the previous contractor actually did.  

Apparently Cllr Lewis has purchased some plants prior to the festival  – that were due to go in the Joyce Burns Memorial  Garden and this is to be followed up (by Cllrs Mear & Wood) – and a date set at full council meeting for the Joyce Burns garden to be tidied up and planted by ‘willing  councillors’ for  the summer.

Cllr Mear to talk to the scouts to see if they would  weed  the planters at the top of Busticle Lane.













Buses: Cllr Vincent passed round updated figures on usage of the route.  She gave a detailed account of how the route was split into stages and what parts of it referred to Sompting. It is being used by the target group – many who are bus pass users, who are unable to get out by car. The updated figures to be available at the Full Council meeting and Cllr Vincent will discuss this with the Clerk.

Cllr Wood suggested that the A & E committee support the motion at Full Council for the extension of the funding. This was agreed.








Flint Walls:  Re – introducing  a grant for repairs.  After a discussion,   at the moment  the A & E Committee agreed that this is something that would be better pursued by the Neighbourhood Plan Implementation Group under their remit.











Centre Caretaker /Cleaner –  Under their remit the Committee wished to amend 8 External Assets (2) to read ‘’Maintain all planters currently controlled by the Parish Council’’  They were in agreement with the figures in the Funding Section.

Matter  - Resolved.







Items for further consideration -   SDNP Appointment of Parish Members – The committee read through the election statements of the nominees and agreed on a candidate to put forward – they requested the Clerk nominate the second candidate.


The committee requested that ‘Grass Cutting’ be included in the next agenda at the September meeting.








The meeting closed at 8.22pm






3rd June Cancelled



Minutes of Amenities and Environment Committee held on 6th May 2015









Meeting commenced at 7.00pm








Attendance: Cllrs Smith,  Mear, Cllr Tufnell Ms Vincent  (Cllr Servante also in attendance )








Apologies for Absence:  Cllr Mrs Wood   (absent)





Declarations of interest by councillors on any of the agenda items below:  None









Request for DPI Dispensations: None









Public participation: Mr P Shayler  -  Shaylers Funfair

Mr Shayler wanted to address the committee to see why Sompting Parish Council  decided not to re-book Shaylers Funfair for the Sompting Festival.

A long discussion followed with both parties putting forward their own points of view.

SPC - Councillor Mear stated that the public had approached the Council saying that the rides were too expensive -  especially if a family had three children

PS – Disagreed with this citing that children’s rides are £1.50 (some competitors £2.00 at least) and Dodgems £3.00 a car (two people) which is a competitive price.  He stated that Sompting had always been a very good venue and his view was that this had not shown in the attendance figures.

SPC – Coles do rides for 99p.

PS – This is only on Monday nights and is a ‘gimmick’ that his company do not need to do. His company are well respected in the area and do all the local events such as Southwick Green and Beach Green for Adur..

SPC – Cllr Servante also said that people in Sompting had  wanted something different ,

maybe and ‘Old Fashioned Fairground’ but when SPC  had made enquiries it seemed they were blocked from doing this due to a ruling by the Showman’s Guild.

PS -  Said that the ruling from the Showman’s Guild would not necessarily come into it but if  approached  other fairs would be reluctant to ‘pinch’ Shaylers venue. If an alternative Company were approached and did agree to do it then it is likely that Shaylers would ‘pinch’ one of their venues  in return…..

He went on to say that Harris’s Old Time Fair may come, but they would not be suitable for Sompting …..not open in the evening etc. and would not necessarily pay for the pitch as Shaylers do (£600)

SPC – Cllr Smith  said we had wanted to try something different – but we  were being blocked by all avenues

PS – If SPC had wanted something different,  why did they not speak to him as he has many contacts – which may have been able to supply what was needed.  He also has contacts with companies who supply marquees, toilets and advertising.  He felt there had been no communication at all.   Another negative factor is that SPC keep changing their dates – not a good thing to do and this year SPC would be clashing with an event on Broadwater Green (who have Coles Funfair) Late June is always a very popular time for events..

SPC - Said that it seems that by trying to please too many people with attractions and timing (School) it is actually having a negative effect..  It needs a complete re think for the future.,

PS  - Agreed and offered following suggestions – Basic requirements…..School need to be involved, a funfair for a community bias, marquees and a bar – the rest should work in around those factors. Organising/planning  should start a lot earlier ( October at the latest – to book things well in advance) . He offered to come to first planning meeting   for 2016 event.

At this late stage for he is booked for SPC weekend for adult   rides but may be able to offer up to 8 children’s rides.  Councillor Mear asked how much notice would be required for these and this option would be discussed at the next Events meeting.

He said Sompting has always been a good venue and he would leave us with these thoughts that if next year it reverted to first or second week in June he has availability at the moment and with discussion could probably provide .  He could help with booking of marquees toilets generators etc. 

SPC – Cllr Smith said to bring the matter to a conclusion it had not been a personal attack on Mr Shayler but an unfortunate set of circumstances and lack of communication.

PS – Said he had applied for  a funfair earlier in the year on the Rec as he was uncertain whether the festival was actually going ahead at that time – but will not be following that through now.  Neither will he hold one near the Joyful Whippet this year to give Sompting time  to sort themselves out.






Outdoor Exercise Equipment:  Andy Edwards from ADC had sent his apologies as he was ill,  so the item could not be fully discussed.  Cllr Smith requested clarification from the Clerk in matters arising at the Full Council meeting 13th May,  on where ADC were actually suggesting the equipment be sited,   as he has heard conflicting information.

Whatever the decision was he felt that SPC’s £5000 part should be sited at the same as site ADC’s so that one park was fully completed .  He re-iterated that Sompting had been waiting a long time for this.





Joyce Burns Memorial Garden: Cllr Smith asked if anyone had contacts with the family as he felt that the family should be approached   with regard to the idea and also the possible wording on a plaque.  Cllr Mear offered to speak to the family and took some details re plaques etc.

It would be discussed further when their views were received and also the subject of planting and maintenance of the bed outside the Harriet Johnson Centre.


Donation to Marie Curie Cancer Care – Cllr Smith said that he felt that this should not come directly from Sompting Parish Council as this was ‘public’ money . Cllr Mear suggested that this could come from the Chairman’s allowance. Cllr Tufnell suggested that   Councillors be approached at the Full Council meeting if they would kindly donate  some money to be  sent to Marie Curie Cancer Care and this was agreed by the committee.


As an aside to the planting of the bed – concern was expressed by the Committee at the state that some of the beds were in. Full of weeds and very sparse on plants   They requested clarification from the Clerk as to exactly what should have been/was planted in the beds by the gardener. With this information they would then be able to decide the best course of action.











Cllr Mear







Refurbishment of Sompting Sign: This has now been completed and the committee were very pleased at the outcome.  Members of the public had also been very complimentary on facebook.










Flint Wall Replacement   - E mail to Councillors re Replacement of  Flint Wall by Sompting Paddocks. This was discussed but will receive further attention when more information is available







The meeting closed at 8.25pm





Minutes of Amenities and Environment Committee held on 1st April 2015












Meeting commenced at 7.10pm








Attendance: Cllrs Smith,  Mear,  Ms Vincent  and  Mrs Wood   (Cllr Servante also in attendance )








Apologies for Absence:  Cllr Tufnell:   absent





Declarations of interest by councillors on any of the agenda items below:  None









Request for DPI Dispensations: None









Public participation: None






Update on Bus Service Provision – Cllr Vincent reported that the launch event by the Joyful Whippet on 26th March, had been very successful with a mix of people in attendance.  Cllr Mear said that he was waiting for Simon form the Herald to return his call so it will be interesting to see what is in the Press..


There had been a mix up with the delivery of the publicity leaflets which were eventually found at the Harriet Johnson Centre but had not been signed for by any Centre staff. The Assistant clerk pointed out that  the Centre is not always ‘manned  for deliveries’


Cllr Vincent is looking at dates in early June to convene a meeting to see the viability of   the continuation of the service beyond the six months.  Cllr Servante queried why the Big Local Transport budget  could not be used for that and  it was thought that Big Local may be using that for purchase of a minibus.










Cllr Vincent



Hamble Recreation Ground/Outdoor Exercise Equipment: Cllr Servante was surprised to hear that the bid  from Big Local  had got as far as the second round of the Adur  Pot of Gold,  as he thought it had been thrown out at the initial stage.

It was noted that Adur had already agreed to fund the Outdoor Exercise equipment in conjunction with Sompting Parish Council – so perhaps that is for additional equipment. Adur have already said it can be sited where Parish Council choose.


Long discussion as to where the best place for this to be sited.   Cllr Servante offered to run another  survey on Sompting Residents Facebook site. Cllr Smith referred to previous minutes saying he thought the decision had been made! 


Hamble Rec  – More families with children around that area,  may get damaged as some parts of Rec more isolated.

Sompting Rec – May look that Parish Council are always favouring Sompting Rec, Parking is better,  

It was also mentioned that it was felt that Adur was listening more to what the big Local are saying and should be going through Parish Council.  The Parish Council fought for this two years ago but the Big Local seem to be taking much of the credit.

Cllr Smith offered to do an article for Sompting Signpost








Cllr Servante





Cllr Smith



Renaming of Fred Burns Award: Due to the recent death of Councillor Joyce Burns,   (Freds wife) a suggestion was made as to whether Cllr Joyce’s name could be added on the Rosebowl award.

After a discussion about the various possibilities, it was proposed    by Cllr Smith and seconded by Cllr Wood,  that the planter outside the Harriet Johnson Centre by the bus stop,  be called the Joyce Burns Memorial Garden and a plaque attached to the wall signifying thisQuotes to be obtained for such a plaque and reported back to next A & E Meeting







Asst Clerk





The meeting finished at 7.30pm  





Minutes of Amenities and Environment Committee held on 4th March 2015          











Meeting commenced at 7.00pm








Attendance: Cllrs Smith,  Mear,  Ms Vincent  and  Mrs Wood   (Cllr Servante also in attendance )








Apologies for Absence:  Cllr Tufnell





Declarations of interest by councillors on any of the agenda items below: None









Request for DPI Dispensations: None









Public participation: T Rowe and son

Alun Jones






Update on Bus Service Provision – Cllr Vincent gave timetable feedback to Compass Travel. Words to go on the timetable as agreed at the last meeting. 4,000 copies of the timetable to be provided with the brochure.  Big Local meeting  next week to agree the leaflet.


Launch Event to be at Joyful Whippet  - Compass to go to Stagecoach for final approval. Likely to be Thursday 26th March – also awaiting confirmation of the date.  

Awaiting contract from Compass Travel for its  service provision. Cllr Vincent to report back.

The service to start on Good Friday – Cllr Vincent to confirm this day will be a  free service and report back.

Cllr Smith enquired the status of the funding – none paid as yet – but Big Local to pay their £500 share via Sompting Parish Council.

End of April first payment from Sompting Parish Council, following receipt of invoice from Compass Travel – to be paid monthly in arrears.









Cllr Vincent



Toilets on Sompting Recreation Ground –  A complaint had been received that the toilets had been closed. Suggestions that a sign be put up showing opening hours.  The local PCSO to be informed of ongoing problems .






Outdoor Exercise Equipment –  The Clerk to e-mail Adur District Council after the Adur District Council Budgets are confirmed to see how this project is to be established .

Suggestions the toddler equipment be sited at Halewick  rather than at Hamble Rec.






Hamble Skate Park – It was proposed that SPC work with the Big Local, ADC and other interested parties on the future of this.  Cllr Smith to contact Big Local  on  long term strategy for improvement of the recreation grounds. Resident consultation to be undertaken, when the project is underway.


Cllr Smith



Main Village Signpost – A complaint had been received about the condition of the main signpost   and a request for repainting.  Members supported this but as the main column is wood – S. Long (handyman) to be instructed to oil the post and paint the metal parts. Waivered the standing orders for S. Long to undertake these works.






West Street – scoping options for possible future enhancement works – Monday 30th March 10 am Cllrs Mear and Servante to attend.  The Clerk to e-mail WSCC.








The meeting finished at 8pm





Minutes of Amenities and Environment Committee held on 4th February  2015












Meeting commenced at 7.00pm








Attendance: Cllrs Smith,  Mear, Tufnell,  Ms Vincent  and Mrs Wood








Apologies for Absence:  All present





Declarations of interest by councillors on any of the agenda items below: None








Request for DPI Dispensations: None








Public participation: None






Update on Bus Service Provision

a) Latest Update from Councillor Vincent

b) Confirmation of parties involved

c) Contract to be drawn up.


Cllr Vincent began her report by saying she had a meeting with Chris Chatfield (Compass Buses), regarding the forthcoming 7a (Sunday and Bank Holiday) service. Cllr VIncent had asked for a "heads of agreement" document to be created, to clarify responsibilities of the parties involved in funding/providing the new service. Mr Chatfield had passed this request to Stagecoach Buses and was awaiting the final document. Mr Chatfield also requested Stagecoach should set out how they wished to arrange for invoicing and payment (e.g. in six invoices for £500 at the end of each month, or one invoice for £3000, to be paid in monthly instalments).


Compass had also agreed to make available as much data as possible. Councillors were especially interested in trying to obtain data regarding the breakdown of use by Sompting residents.


Compass Buses and Stagecoach will produce printed matter such as timetables and a booklet with all the bus details. At the meeting with Cllr Vincent, Compass offered to provide a free bus on Good Friday (originally they had only agreed to fund half of this).


They would like in return flyers and timetables to go out with next Signpost but this would be after the launch date so alternatives were discussed.  One idea was for it to go with political leaflets but Cllr Smith thought this may not be a good idea as it may be seen to have come from that party.


Cllr Vincent is to contact Big Local to see if they have anyone available to do the distribution and if not, have they the money available in their Transport budget to fund  distribution? Assistant clerk to inform Cllr Vincent details of who distributes Sompting Signpost.


Cllr Vincent to email Assistant Clerk the Compass/Stagecoach logo for use in future Signpost.


Publicity – A launch day has been mentioned by the bus company  - on  a Friday on Worthing seafront (so a report  could go in the Herald the following week.) Suggested people to attend are Cllr Mear, Cllr Vincent, Big Local, Cllr Burns (who would be a user of the service)

The venue was questioned by Cllr Smith,  who thought that as this was primarily a Sompting venture it should be within Sompting. The Joyful Whippet car park would be a good option – possibly on a Thursday – when the Senior Citizens club would be there. This was favoured as the first choice, with Worthing as the second choice. Cllr Vincent to contact bus company and Joyful Whippet.


Cllr Vincent had also asked if information regarding SPC's (and Sompting Big Local's) subsidy could be included in the printed matter. Mr Chatfield suggested that there should be room for a paragraph in the Stagecoach's booklet. Cllr Vincent to draft a paragraph and email to Councillors – to be discussed by editorial board before Full Council meeting.


If the scheme proved to be unsuccessful,  two months'  notice would be needed to cancel the service, so a review would have to be made by the fourth month of operation.  Cllr Smith asked if the data from Compass could  reflect the actual footfall by Sompting people and Cllr Vincent will follow this up.


If it is successful would we consider contacting other interested organisations ( Lancing Parish Council, Broadwater, WSCC etc)  Cllr Smith thought this had already been done – as per September 2014 minutes) .  Cllr Vincent said some parties had been contacted,   some not on a formal basis,  but agreed that they should be re-contacted to convene a meeting and also be invited to the launch.


This would have to be in advance of when the next lot of Funding was needed.  Suggested timetable  -  data is collected by May, with June as a possible date for the meeting and decision.



The meeting finished at 7.30pm










Minutes of Amenities and Environment Committee held on 7th January 2015








Meeting commenced at 7.05pm




Mr O Pendered from Communities Matter and Colin Middleton of Adur Homes spoke to members regarding the proposed new gas main being provided to part of Sompting. Members were made aware of the proposal and the dates of installation with the proposed day event at the Village school (subject to confirmation) and at the HJC. Members suggested that the Big Local facilities in Cokeham Road may be another venue for the communication days. Members thanked Mr Pendered and Middleton for their presentation.








Attendance: Cllrs  Smith, Mear, Wood, Vincent, Lewis, Bamber, Bashford, Scotting, Tufnell and Servante








Apologies for Absence:  None  








Declarations of interest by councillors on any of the agenda items below: None








Request for DPI Dispensations: None








Public participation: None








Sompting Estates Ecological Survey Data: Members were informed of the email and information on the survey given by Mike Tristram of Sompting Estates. The Chair requested that the Clerk thanks Mr Tristram for the information.








Sompting Planters:  The Clerk informed members that he had placed an Order to Browning Garden Services to undertake the work to the planters. His cost being within budget at £ 520










Minutes of Amenities and Environment Committee held on 5th November 2014








Meeting commenced at 7.00pm








Attendance: Cllrs, Mear, Cllrs Mrs Wood, Ms Vincent, Cllr Tufnell








Apologies for Absence:  Cllr Smith (absent)    





In the absence of the Chair Cllr Smith, Vice Chair  - Cllr Vincent took the meeting.





Declarations of interest by councillors on any of the agenda items below: None








Request for DPI Dispensations: None








Public participation: Mr Alun Jones

                                   Cllr  C Servante 







Bus Service Updates: Committee to be updated on Bus Service Provision.

Cllr Vincent passed round a draft timetable for a proposed Sunday/Bank Holiday  Service to run via Lancing, North Lancing, North Sompting, West Street, Lyons Farm, Dominion Road , Worthing Hospital to Worthing South Street and reverse from Compass buses.

She said that from the surveys it was clear that there was more demand to go to Worthing Hospital/Central Worthing  than to Broadwater which was an initial idea.  The manager thought that this may generate more income from  passengers in general waiting for a bus from the more central area.  The Committee agreed with the proposals.

Cllr Vincent  stated that usually there is a statutory time for this to be instigated of 8 weeks but in her talks with the manager he said there is a possibility this could  be up and running by the end of November if we acted quickly .

If she could get the OK from the bus manager ,this would mean a publicity drive – Cllr Mears column in Herald, Noticeboards, flyers and a press release.  If Cllr Vincent gets the OK she will draft a press release to go through the Parish Clerk.

She reported past issues between Stagecoach and Compass had almost been solved.

There was slight concern regarding the new contract but it was reported that we were not actually commissioning a new route.

 It was thought that it would be easier for the Bus Company to issue one invoice one to Sompting Parish Council for £3000 and for Sompting Big Local to pay their contribution to Sompting Parish Council  (£2500 from Sompting Parish Council agreed at F&GP minute 488)

Cllr Wood moved that the above was accepted. Cllr  Mear seconded and the committee agreed.

Cllr Vincent was thanked for all her hard work.












Sompting Planters: Receive Clerks report and inform Assistant Clerk accordingly

The committee do not agree with the recommendation to place an order with Ferring Nursery as the feel the estimate is far too high.

Local gardener Mr Paul Burns (via Cllr Tufnell)  and two other local gardeners to be contacted by the Parish Council to give two separate  estimates :-

1 To clear the beds.

2 To plant the beds with low maintenance – possibly flowering shrubs.  

If estimates come within the remaining budget figure of £1196 – go ahead.

These estimates to be obtained as a matter of urgency and item to be put on Full Council agenda.











Tree Planting:  Receive Clerks report and consider increase and resolve to increase budget bid if necessary:


The Clerks recommendation was discussed and resolved to increase budget bid to £1000 for  the year 2015/16.
















 Budgets: To consider current status and bids for 2015/16.


The committee considered the budgets for 2015/16 and made the following suggestions:-

Planters – to be raised to £2500 (as per previous minutes 476) .











Reports by the Clerk:  To receive any reports by the Clerk.


Items covered in previous minutes.









Any Other business – for discussion


Centre Manager requested guidance on which budget payment for Timespan ( Victorian Christmas) should be taken from. -  It was agreed this should be 4206 ( Centre Festival)


Centre Manager requested guidance on amount to be given to First Aid Trainer ( who gave the course on 1st November)  An amount of £180 was agreed




The meeting finished at 8.10pm







Meeting 1st October – Cancelled



  Minutes of Amenities and Environment Committee held on 3rd September 2014(Revised)








Meeting commenced at 7.05pm








Attendance: Cllrs Smith, Mear, Cllrs Mrs Wood, Ms Vincent








Apologies for Absence:  Cllr Tufnell (illness)   








Declarations of interest by councillors on any of the agenda items below: None








Request for DPI Dispensations: None








Public participation: see below  -  Minute 475







Planters Millfield: Consider proposal and resolve accordingly


Resolved  -  The committee considered the proposal  in the e-mail from the Big Local and decided to decline their kind offer as the Council already have plans in place. They did commend the sterling work that had been done by the Big Local to the planters near Millfield.











Increase of Toilet Cleaning Contract Cost: Receive Clerks report and resolve accordingly.


Resolved – The committee confirms its acceptance to the requested increase and that the Clerk notifies Wettons accordingly










Bus Questionnaires/Bus Service Provision:  Cllr Vincent to report. 


Cllr Vincent shared the figures with the committee. A provisional route has been suggested through Sompting and a part of Lancing,  that would be feasible to run within the hour timeframe necessitating only one bus. The suggestion would be to pilot this on Sundays and Bank Holidays.

However Cllr Vincent also reported that Broadwater Community Association had recently heard from Compass Buses that it would be able to run a Sunday and Bank Holiday service for the existing number 7 route, for a figure of around £6000 p.a. After much discussion:-  


1. It was agreed to ask Finance and General Purposes committee at their meeting on 24th September to review the money available in the transport budget


2. If the Finance and General Purposes committee agree that there is money available, Cllr Vincent to be contacted to convene a meeting hosted by the Sompting Parish Council inviting interested parties. The Big Local, Lancing Parish Council, North Lancing Residents Association, Nelson Close Residents Association, Broadwater Community Association, Cllr Parsons WSCC representative for Sompting and Lancing  and the WSCC County Councillor for Broadwater,  to discuss a way forward and a possible pooling of resources/funding.


Public Participation – Mr Alun Jones arrived at 7.45pm











& Cllr Vincent





Reports by the Clerk:  To receive any reports by the Clerk


a) Outdoor Fitness and Toddler play equipment: To consider the recommendations and resolve  accordingly.


Resolved – The committee agreed with the two recommendations and will discuss further on what and where the equipment in the earmarked reserve is to be spent in 2015.


b) Budgets: To consider current status and bids for 2015/16.


The committee considered the budgets for 2015/16 and made the following suggestions:-

Planters – raise to £2500 – to allow ‘three plantings’ of the main flower beds during the year.

St Marys Churchyard – the figure of £150 be carried forward and ringfenced for the purpose.




c) Awards: To approve obtaining entertainment for presentation.


Approved – The committee gave approval for the Clerk to obtain entertainment ‘in keeping’ with the nature of the event and within the allocated budget.



d) A27 Corridor Feasibility Study Stakeholder Reference Group: To identify any further points that  need to be raised.


The committee read the report and had no further points to raise.



e) Sustainable Communities Act 2007 and two proposals under the Act: To consider proposals and  recommendations and resolve accordingly.


Resolved  - The committee supports the proposals and recommendations in the report



f) West Sussex Minerals Local Plan: Engagement on Mineral Sites Study: To consider the recommendation and resolve accordingly .


The committee noted the contents of the report and had no further comments to make.





















Clerk/Centre Manager




Any other business


Cllr Smith enquired when the planting of the shrubs would start? Cllr Mear thought this should be done as a matter of urgency and within two weeks if possible due to it being into September already.










The meeting closed at  8:30pm




 Minutes of Amenities and Environment Committee held on 2nd July  2014