Amenities and Environment Committee 1st Wednesday of the month 7pm


Cllrs Mear,  Mansfield,  Bashford,  Smith,  Boggis  Glynn- Davies,  Nicklen


Terms of Reference


a)    Delegated role on Council asset matters

1.    To approve the asset maintenance / replacement programme and expenditure and link to F & GP

Assets are the Community Garden, Planters, Bus Shelters and Public Conveniences.

2.    To approve proposed capital expenditure programme and link to F & GP



b)   Delegated role on highway, footpath and transportation matters

1.    To liaise with the West Sussex C.C. and Adur D.C. on raised issues and complaints

2.    The promotion highway, pedestrian improvement schemes

3.    The promotion footpath schemes

4.    To consider the West Sussex C.C. highway maintenance programme

5.    The consideration community bus provision schemes

6.    The consideration transportation improvement schemes and issues

7.    Responding to WSCC’s Traffic Management Regulation schemes


c)    Delegated role on environment improvement schemes

1.    The promotion environmental improvement schemes

2.    The promotion of enhancements to shopping areas

3.    The promotion of “best garden awards” for summer and winter

4.    The consideration of Christmas decorations

5.    To liase with WSCC on highway soft landscaping

6.    To promote or produce events throughout the year and assisting with the Harriet Johnson Centre events



d)   Delegated role on amenity and environment preservation/ promotion

1.    The consideration of registration of and preservation of historical, unique buildings, structures, archaeology and land