Centre committee – Wednesdays 12.45pm – usually to tie up with second planning committee meeting of each month


Cllrs Godley (Chair)  Bashford, (Vice Chair)   Mear,   Derham & Mansfield

Terms of Reference


1.    To resolve on the following

Fees and Charges Policy

Hiring policy and agreements

Health and Safety Policy

Employment of required staff and contractors

Any work required for the maintenance of the Centre

To approve the maintenance / replacement programme and expenditure and link to F& GP


2.    The consideration and maintenance for the Centre’s part of the Council’s web site.


3.    To work with other organisations for partnership working and funding.


4.    To produce a business plan for the Centre and review annually.


5.    To increase the income and reduce expenditure

By producing a year programme of events, bookings.

Marketing the Centre by various means.

To produce a quarterly report on activities for insertion onto the Council’s web site part relating to Centre

To review expenditure incurred on an annual basis.

To identify possible sponsors etc.


Events Committee

Terms of Reference


These are to be presented soon to Full Council for approval.