Finance Committee – 4th Wednesday of the month 7pm


Cllrs Bashford  Mear, Thornton, Jones, Godley


Terms of Reference


a)    Delegated role on financial matters

1.     To consider full council and committee budget bids for the forthcoming years

2.    To set the annual Parish budget

3.     To recommend to full Council the annual Parish precept

4.     To recommend to full council any borrowing needs

5.     To monitor budget spending

6.     To approve payments against invoices/pro-formas

7.     Review the council’s financial regulations

8.     Review the Council’s risk assessment

9.     To approve external grant applications and payments

10.  To review the council’s insurance cover

11.  To approve the Council’s Internal Auditor and recommend the annual return for approval by Full Council

12.  To review the Council’s banking arrangements

13.  To approve all Council grant aid applications


b)   Delegated role on Council employment matters

1.    To review the Clerk’s Conditions of Service

2.    To review other employee’s Conditions of Service

3.    To approve employee’s salaries

4.    To review all employment policies

5.    To perform the disciplinary and grievance policies



c)    Delegated role on Council asset matters

(Direct asset to be the Harriet Johnson Centre)

1.    To approve the asset maintenance / replacement programme and expenditure

2.    To approve the Council’s asset maintenance contract(s)

3.    To approve proposed capital expenditure

4.     Review the Council’s asset register (for all assets)

5.     To review the Council’s insurance cover