Why was there a need for the Neighbourhood Plan?

The Parish Council began the process of preparing a plan in 2011 to take the opportunity presented by the Localism Act to positively plan for the future of the parish and its surrounding countryside. It is also being developed in response to the Adur Local Plan.

Who pays for it?

The Parish Council budgeted for the Plan and so is the cost is included within its precept. However, the Government does give a grant to Adur District Council which may be used to offset some of the costs incurred in producing the Plan. When the Plan is accepted by the Planning Inspector it will placed before Sompting residents for their approval via a referendum which the District Council pays for.

The Parish Council are pleased to state has received a grant of £ 6,300 from the Community Development Foundation ( which has offset the ††† majority of the costs incurred to date.

Who creates the Plan and who manages its creation?

As has been stated in all the communication to date it is the Sompting resident that forms or creates the Plan and the Steering Group is formed of some residents to do just that. The management of the Planís creation is via the Steering Group.

Who is the Steering Group?

The Steering Group is made up of representatives of Sompting residents, the Parish Council, the consultant - Action In rural Sussex, Adur District Council Planning Policy Officers and landowners. There is still time for more residents to be involved Ė please contact the Parish Clerk for further information.

The agendas and minutes

The Steering Groupís   agendas   minutes 

The questionnaire and what results obtained

As residents know, a questionnaire was issued and the results are shown via the above link. Our many thanks to those who responded and highlighted their issues concerning Sompting. The results of the questionnaire are given via this link The questionnaire and results obtained . Many of the issues raised are within the State of the Parish Report which will form the core of the Neighbourhood Plan.

The State of the Parish Report

            This report is here  Sompting State of Parish Report.pdf

The current project plan

A suitable display version of the project time plan is here

Various leaflets were produced to date and were distributed throughout the parish

            Samples are here

 Workshop outcomes:

Traffic and Transport†††††††††† Community and infrastructure and local economy†††††† Environment ††††††††††† Housing††††††††


The revised draft Adur District Local Plan (consultation stage)

This important document can be viewed either via the link below or at various locations. This document is now under consultation until November 7th 2013.

The Government National Planning Policies Framework

This document can be viewed by clicking on the link The Government National Planning Policies Framework