Sompting Neighbourhood Plan (SNP)
 2014 – 2029


POLICY PLANNING WORKSHOP, Tuesday 22nd  October 2013 - 6.00 – 9.00pm



Facilitator:  Teresa Gittins



Community Centre

There is the general consensus of a lack of community heart/ social interaction. Sompting doesn’t really have any natural centre due to the north south divide by the road.

The current community centre (Harriet Johnson Centre is useful but has very limited scope.

There has been a general consensus for a new community multi-purpose centre incorporating a café, arts and crafts, and cultural needs. Identifying a site for this could be challenging

New centre should be part of the new development and available for the whole community to use.

The new centre should be sustainable and be part of the development brief.

Centre to be user friendly with facilities for the elderly and disabled.


Community Facilities

Identified need for facilities for the youth

A need for toddler provision with facilities for parents such as a café.

A need for a school to support the new development

Football Club: could benefit from new changing facilities and training rooms.

A more general open space for use of residents.

Policy to be clear on purpose of building, design, rooms, services and management governance (CRTBO?)


Local Shops

Policy on public realm (to improve), there are four shopping parades and no market for retail centre.

There has been a lot of take away shops. A policy is needed to stop shopping areas being dominated by takeaway shops.

A policy is needed to prevent loss of retail – balance of use, % of floorspace

A need for a diversity of shops identified

A policy on design standards to improve shop fronts (could the Big Local grant be possible to support this)

Design brief for home working, better broadband provision

A community shop with café providing local employment – CLT?


Industrial Unit

Enough industrial spaces in lancing and Worthing

Existing parades to be protected from becoming residential dwellings

Rectory Farm estate: out of use and need to be used more. It cannot operate 24hours due to transport and access issues

Employment through vineyard possible – processing, farm shops, local produce, crafts etc and connections to the countryside (South Downs)

Access across to East Worthing employment area needed.



The only thing to add was that there was a lot of discussion about the use of the recreation Ground - some wanting the enhanced facilities for the football club on the Recreation Ground replacing the existing toilets. Others wanted to see an enhanced play area / gathering place for children and their parents including perhaps a small cafe perhaps run as a community enterprise. Tables discussing this option thought that there may be scope to move the football pitches to the edge of Sompting. Some talk about using proceeds from the development potential of land on which the current Community Centre stands to finance a new provision on the Recreation ground.

This was dismissed by another table who were much more convinced that the hall needs to be associated with the new development and needs to be paid for by that development as Sompting would then get an enhanced facility which they called a cultural meeting place with large hall for events etc. as well as cafe, library, drop in, information. 



Teresa Gittins, Action in rural Sussex.