Sompting Neighbourhood Plan (SNP)
 2014 – 2029


POLICY PLANNING WORKSHOP, Tuesday 22nd  October 2013 - 6.00 – 9.00pm



Facilitator:  Faustina Bayo



There is the general feel that the proposed new development will have an impact on the already existing A27 traffic issues and unsafe pedestrian crossings. However it is difficult and highly unlikely to get the highways to put up new traffic lights as this could make the traffic situation worse and is also a costly exercise. It is also very difficult to access the south downs national park for those to the south of the A27  due to unsafe crossing for pedestrians, cyclists and horse riders


Safe access to the downs from the south – very unsafe to cross the road with pedestrian crossings further away from junctions


Safe horse riding routes to be considered in the fields south of West Street for horse riders who cannot access the downs due to the road network


West Street too narrow and unsafe to walk on especially at dark. Footpath/cyclepath to be introduced on the south side of the flint wall in parallel from West Street to the retail area on the other side of the road


Duncton lane and Church Road Junctions – as road network cannot stand traffic increase, The proposed new development should contribute to improving and introducing measures (no entry/ one way systems) to mitigate this anticipated problem


Busticle Lane traffic lights not built for safe pedestrian and cyclist crossing. To be addressed


Possible connections footpath/cyclepath (NOT ROADS) from south of new development to Eats Worthing across the floodplains



Public transport an issue as buses stop at 7pm and not service on Sundays in such a relatively urban area. Better services with longer operating hours required. A shuttle bus service from Sompting to Lancing to connect to main bus and rail regular services is essential.


Include public transport to the downs. Field east of Lambleys Lane could be improved to have tea rooms and café for people accessing the downs. A community minibus taking residents and visitors alike from south to the downs could use this facility.


Faustina Bayo, Action in rural Sussex.