The National School, Loose Lane, Sompting


Although Sompting already had an established School, it was found by 1871 that the building was too small and arrangements were put in place for a new and larger school building. 


The Crofts family exchanged the site of the first school for the present site in Loose Lane by a Deed dated 1st January 1872 and a Scheme was agreed with the Charity Commissioners.


A new wing was added in 1883, and various small improvements made until in 1911 when the Girls and Infants cloakrooms were enlarged.   Another extension of a ‘temporary’ nature was made in 1927 which is still there.   


The building received some damage from bombing in 1941 and at that point lost the chimneys from the teacher’s house and the school building.


Post war the building left much to be desired.   The canteen had been linked to the main sewerage system c1950 but the lavatories had not.  By1956 there were 141 children on the roll and 4 teachers including the Head Master and by 1962 the premises were in such a bad state that a group of parents formed the “Sompting School Parents’ Association”.


In 1968 three new class rooms were erected on the White Styles Road and by 1973 the old school closed.  After a lot of hard work the building re-opened in 1978 as The Sompting Community Centre and was re-named the Harriet Johnson Centre in 2011.